Friday, April 29, 2016

Take an Ohio hit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had been curious about that murder spree in weed head Ohio, as not all that tokes of the magic smoke, is a free bird ride.

I just finished a quick inquiry, and this was not a contract killing. Inquiry points to this dope raiser family in the hick part of the state, was marketing up in Akron.
Not related to Kasich mafia, but the gist of this is, they were successful, very successful, and that success was undercutting the market of the dope traders in Akron.

In order to do business in the dope trade, you have to pay off the local politicians and police, and they always want their cut first. So you sign a sort of contract in this with your balls on the line, and when the regime shows up wanting money, you do not have, because some enterprising family in hick county Ohio is doing a better job at capitalism, you decide your life is worth more than their life.

Inquiry says 3 white people drove down to hick county and settled the issue, and I inquired nothing more as I could care less about corrupt systems and dopers hosing each other down.
Inquiry states that this dope growing fam was warned off, and did not take the advice.

Commerce and kickbacks continue, the authorities are getting their cut and would have preferred less media attention, but the trade goes on in how things just get done in Ohio.

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