Friday, April 29, 2016

100 Days Against The Will Of God

Megyn Kelly dons $1,100 Prada snakeskin stilletos for Wisconsin ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You do remember about that 100 days of genius to stop Donald Trump by the GOPliters beginning with the theft of Wisconsin from Donald Trump in the Reince Priebus menace?

It looks like Donald Trump winning, because Donald Trump is winning.


You are witnessing something which needs to be aware of as Ted Cruz boogers have this odd delusion and insanity:

Why I Blame TV for Trump
Campbell Brown
Donald Trump Is Not Your Father
Jim Geraghty

So we know that  after Donald Trump has by the Grace of God, obliterated Ted Cruz from winning the nomation, stealing the nomination, gaining first ballot, second ballot, third ballot, until kingdom come, David Limbaugh being ........let us just call this new psychotic condition as CRUZANITY, for the derangement and delusion in this Ted Cruz defeat, that David Limbaugh thinks Indiana will change anything.

So Cruz is destroyed in Indiana, again.

Then it will be Mona Charen saying, "Just wait till Nebraska..........

Then it will be Scott Rasmussen saying, "Just wait till Oregon..............

Then it will be Andrew McCarthy saying, "Just wait till California.........

Then it will be Campbell Brown saying, "Just wait till the convention..........

Then it will be Jim Geraghty saying, "Just wait till HELL FREEZES OVER........

Because Ted Cruz has ZERO CHANCE in ever being President of America, Canada, Cuba or Natural Born or for that matter honest.

There is a condition deeply wrong with this Ted Cruz psychopathic crowd as they keep expecting a different outcome from a loser like Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is finished. His campaign brain went flat line at Iowa, and has been on life support like a rotting corpse as Hugo Chavez was dead for months.

Obamania has now been supplanted by CRUZANITY.

The fact is Donald Trump is not the end of Ronald Reaganism. Donald Trump is Ronald Reagan all grown up to adult vibrant status, embracing all of what father Reagan taught, and moulding it to a new and dynamic, as well as dangerous world in this 21st century. Ronald Reagan is Donald Trump as the new era of humanity protecting the rights of people who are nations, against invasion, overthrow and a corporatism seeking to replace native peoples with foreign slaves and then with robotics, for the few in the ivory tower.

That is who Donald Trump is, Ronald Reagan of the 20th century, matured to the Citizen's Rights in the 21st century.

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