Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ted Cruz from the Grave

Montgomery Blair Sibley with Deborah Palfrey

 Was this woman murdered to cover up CIA entrapment of perverts like Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem with being a liar like Ted Cruz, is that you only have a woman who was blackmailing you to cover up your adultery in Carly Fiorina, lying about Donald Trump to cover up your lyin' Cruz Canadian arse.

Steven Nelson reports for U.S. News & World Report, March 28, 2016, that Montgomery Blair Sibley, the late madam Deborah Palfrey’s attorney, has been subject to a restraining order since 2007 barring him from releasing the information, which he says includes 815 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of Verizon Wireless customers.
Sibley says the records had carelessly been left in Palfrey’s basement, “So I got my hands on them and released a portion of them.” But about a third of the records were not released:We held back these 5,000. I wanted to have something to negotiate with or surprise people at trial.”
Sibley says, “Time is of the essence because people are casting votes in primaries and caucuses. I believe this information is relevant to that political discourse.

There is a story that is running in the background of real life, and not ANONYMOUS working for Hillary Clinton and the GOPliters to install Clinton like Ted you do remember that on April 1st Anonymous the group of MOG's that would be Minders of the Government, said they were going to release Cruz adultery information and instead went after Donald not going after Donald Trump..............

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sorry fell asleep there as I only awaken for the smell of gunpowder and burning flesh of those screaming at being liver shot for a bleed out.......but now I am awake.

Where was I?

Oh yes, Ted Cruz from the grave, has some very grave problems appearing as the DC Madam, you remember her right? She was the hot gal who was running whores in DC in order to .......well she was off book honeypot, but her girls were the ones being used to entrap all the important people in Washington so they could be blackmailed, and she told her Mum if she was found hung, that she had been murdered.......yup she was found hung and she did not do it, so she was silenced.........but the thing is, she never gave up her Black Book, and her attorney was rummaging around and found that book of all the elite in DC who were manwhores back in 2008........and that attorney happened to say it would be information that book that would affect the Presidential elections in the GOP..........even though he was under a gag order.....and sort of did not deny that Ted Cruz was in this black book of Johns.

He would not say if he was surprised by a National Enquirer report last week that alleged Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had engaged in five extramarital affairs.

It is easy Darwin elimination really, as of all the candidates in the GOP primary, the only DC Johnnies could have been those in the Congress, as Trump has no need for whores, Ben Carson only like Grace Slick....and they are not DC, and then there is gay Rick Perry who is Texas, Scott Walker who is a cheese dick, Chris Christie of New Jersey who is too cheap for whores when the wife gives it away......and I will just save the time in Jeb Bush is into midget Mexican sex, and no one employs them outside the circus, and that leaves two in John Kasich and Ted Cruz on the Johnny List.

Kasich was out of town since 2001, and do your really believe this tortoise could get his hair up enough to buy a whore he could bore to an orgasm?

Sibley first said the records could be relevant to the presidential race in January, when there were 15 high-profile candidates. Now, just three Republicans and two Democrats remain – though Sibley won’t say if any are implicated, citing fear of being jailed for contempt.

That looks like Ted Cruz is left holding the bag again.

Some boogers for Cruz though might say, Hey what about that Rick Santorum, looking all sexy, but you know Vatican Rick has his own Catholic girl so he don't need to dress up whores in uniforms to get the Vatican effect. Besides he was out of Washington by 2007 and he is not married to Heidi Cruz, so no need to hire prostitutes.

 That leaves Ted Cruz on the short and curly list. It was pretty smart of Ted to have his Hillary and Jeb PAC launch an attack on Mrs. Trump and get the whore word flying around, because Ted knew from all his buddies like Mark Levin, that the Cruz Whore story was going to break sooner than later.

I can see why Ted Cruz turned to whores. Heidi is smarter than Ted. Heidi earns more than Ted. Heidi is more powerful than Ted, and Heidi like Muchelle Obama has a bigger dick than Ted. So of course you hire prostitutes and MOGs like Amanda  Carpenter, as they are trained not to laugh at small dicks above the panty line and below.

PS: Additional Note, the DC source who sourced the above story happened to have implanted on his site a great deal of sophisticated tracking software.......not from him, but from those most interested in intelligence in what the DC Madam can speak from the grave and what other sources are going to be featuring this story.