Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why John Kennedy was really put down

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When this blog posted the facts on who was really engaged in the John Kennedy assassination, there was a missing part in it, and this is why John Kennedy was put down. It all had to do with France. French failure in Vietnam under Charles DeGaulle and French failure to maintain control of Algiers.

Enter into this, General Maurice Challe, to initiate a coup in order to install a junta into France in military control.

Like the Bay of Pigs two days earlier, this ended in failure, and John Kennedy phoned DeGaulle offering American support, but DeGaulle understanding what the CIA had been engaged in, declined the faux offer.

This is what set events in motion for the Kennedy assassination, as both the French left and right had been betrayed by John Kennedy. There were always statements of French snipers involved in the Kennedy assassination which left the country.

For the American intelligence group involved in this, this centered upon the Bay of Pigs and the later almost nuclear annihilation of the world over Cuba, and the forced pull out of nuclear weapons in Turkey, and, for the French it had to do with their betrayal, which did include the Germans.

John Kennedy was not a hero. Being assassinated does not elevate one to hero status. What John Kennedy did in endangering the world and betraying allies. This led to Bobby Kennedy being put down, as RFK was going to unleash retribution and the Americans and French could not allow this to happen.

Now you know why the traitor John Kennedy was really put down.

Both in Paris and in Washington the facts are now known, though they will never be publicly admitted. In private, the highest French personalities make no secret of it. What they say is this: “The CIA played a direct part in the Algiers coup, and certainly weighed heavily on the decision taken by ex-general Challe to start his putsch.”

I am giving you the pieces, one day I will show you the puzzle in how it was put together.