Monday, April 4, 2016

Ted Cruz: Manic Obsessive

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There is something wrong psychologically with Ted Cruz, who has left his Raphael Eduardo roots of Cuban Canadian, and has put on an Obama skin of Ted Cruz in order to validate himself.

I do not believe I will get through to the Cruz voters, because nothing will, as they have been triggered to such a mania and hysteria by deliberate e sorting of information to condition them, but these realities have to be stated, because a few crack whores  always wake up one day, and realize the mistakes they have made.

Ted Cruz wants to be an American. That might sound strange to most Americans or immigrants, because if you ask them that, they will agree and say they want to be an American  too. The difference is though if I ask each of you, and that includes the Cruz boogers, what is it inside of you that you validate yourself as defining yourself an American?

For immigrants, the moment is often the day they become Citizens and are sworn in as one of the greatest days of their lives. For most Americans born here, they never really contemplate what they are. For me, being an American is having that feeling inside of amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesty. It is John Sousa music and it is big fireworks at the 4th of July. It is being part of that group of Founders who God moved to bless the greatest nation on earth.
I honestly believe for most Americans, that is what has been suppressed in them, but it is on special occasions that feeling of joy, because being American actually feels good.

For Ted Cruz though, as much as Barack Obama in being foreigners, they were like Dinesh D'Souza in he read about America and thinks he knows what Americans are, and for Cruz and Obama, they saw America in images, and in order to become American, they had to gain the most power there was to validate themselves and that is being President.

I desire each of you to contemplate that literally. Would you feel empty or not a person, if you were not President? The answer is of course not, because life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not in some office, some title or some election.
Even Bernie Sanders and his followers understand this, but speak of it in terms in making America a place for all to have that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on a "fair and equal ground", which to them is communism, which history proves destroys all of that. It is though something different in the Sanders and Trump voters, as much as I believe in Cruz voters, that their world does not rise and set on who is President, as being American is who they are in the Flag and the things they hold dear as their creeds.

Do I believe that many Cruz voters are like Obama voters in glomming onto Cruz?  Yes and that helplessness is being exploited and why they act out the way they do and are blaspheming Christianity and the Constitution in making excuses for Ted Cruz, and trying to belittle Trump voters as "fans", when the fact is both groups are well informed, but the Cruz voters need a leader to bring them security, while the Trump voters with a shrug say they love Donald Trump, but if he does not follow through, they are picking up their packs again and heading out on the rugged individual trail again.

I do not blame Cruz voters, as that is their place in the journey of life. I simply detest Ted Cruz for exploiting them in the worst possible ways.

As you understand what is inside Ted Cruz in his mind and heart, you can understand how pathetic he is. He does not care about America, or your votes, because he is busy using vote suppression, dirty tricks against every opponent, vote fraud and now in Louisiana and Arizona is stealing delegate votes through bribery, because the delegates are so in a syndrome of bondage to the GOPliters, that their entire validation in life is keeping that oligarch of power feeding them security. It is completely 3rd world, completely treacherous, and completely cold blooded in Immanuel Kant of the ends justifying the means in criminal acts.

Ted Cruz is out of control. In forensic psychological diagnosis he is a MANIC OBSESSIVE, he has a driven, uncontrollable mania which has him obsessed to gain the office of the White House, and he is so utterly unbalanced and literally out there on the edge, that his feminine side has him daydreaming on Jimmy Kimmel that he thinks about "backing over Donald Trump" with a car. As you probably missed this psychotic statement in the depths of its meaning, Ted Cruz has his illusions and it appeared with the lynching of Ben Carson in Iowa.
You must get this in Cruz, does things akin to leaving a floor slippery so his Mum would fall down and break her neck, so he could inherit money he needs, but construct it in his mind, that he was doing a good deed by washing his Mum's floors, and it was just an accident she died and the positive was Ted got his money.

It is the same thing with Donald Trump. Cruz in illusion could not face Donald Trump and run him over, but it would all be an accident as Donald would be behind him and Mr. Cruz would not know.........the problem is, Ted Cruz has "thought of this scenario" previously, not with Donald Trump, but with other people. I always tell you that people reveal things by talking, and if you just listen to them, they will tell you what is going on in their psyche.

That is what Ted Cruz is in a manic obsessive. He thinks about murder, but constructs it in a way to make it all an accident, because Ted Cruz needs with a phobic paranoia, the office of the President to validate the little Cuban half breed born in Canada, who just detested being "Canadian Second Rung" to America.

As most people in immigrants just want to be American, that is healthy as they want to be validated from their worthless 3rd world existence, in not being capable of establishing in their own lands the American Virtue.

All though from Ted Cruz, to Barack Obama to immigrants, only see the Trump Towers. They never see our taxes being robbed from us, our dying by the millions in wars to save other nations, and they never realize it is from very hard work and sacrifices we have made for generations. The Ted Cruz simply wants to seize the prize like Obama and then dispatch the police state in Ferguson Missouri to keep the competition in line. Ted Cruz will do as much or more in destroying freedom in America, because he is still a Castro, and he is infuriated like Obama that 100% of the population does not adore him, so they are on his enemies list, and that is why the pathetic Cruz booger writers are compiling the lists, as none of them, like Obama, is capable in a fair stand up fight to win. They are all back street alley squat assassins, and that is why Ted Cruz gravitates to lying, cheating and stealing.

This is the diagnosed Manic Obsessive of Ted Cruz. Like a serial rapist, serial murderer, child molester, pyromaniac or kleptomaniac, he simply in his deranged state of sociopathy can not refrain from his compulsions as the terror in him, of the weak, pathetic, coward he is bred from, triggers him to this insane nature.
He is the product of his cowardly father, Rafael Cruz Sr., a man who abandoned Cuba when Nationals died at the Bay of Pigs and continued to use their money to fund  resistance in Cuba, whereupon Rafael Sr. squatted in Canada, used Canadians then immersed himself in American luxury to become a whore for Big Koch while thumping the Bible, and then making America into his own image, and abandoning Cuban people to their deaths.

When a little Ted is programmed as a fortunate son by an unfortunate father, what you are going to get is a Barack Obama or a Ted Cruz, both manic obsessives, who should be in out patient facilities, from a psychiatric hospital on heavy medications, being nowhere near the White House, but more suited to being a political science professor, locked in a little classroom with small minds, where they can drone the hours away telling children how necessary it was for their pet dictator to mass murder millions of people who could just not understand the Cruz and Obama vision that the despot had.

But Cruz, exploiting deep opposition to Trump among grassroots Republicans, has been far more active in Arizona than Trump, insiders say. He's recruiting candidates for the available 55 delegate slots, that along with the other three delegate positions filled by party leaders, would be allowed to vote for him in a multi-ballot contested convention.

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