Monday, April 4, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is amused at the queries if this blog is legitimate as Ted Cruz booger bashers fan out over the internet into comment sections posting more lies in denouncing DC Madam phone records without any proof. They are to be taken for gospel, and if you observe most of these posts as on the Conservative Treehouse, they are being made by supposedly "Donald Trump voters" in standing up for lying Ted Cruz.

What is being flushed out of this Ted Cruz cesspool, is that Cruz employs an even greater group of paid trolls minding the internet, as Birther Hussein Obama did in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

I desire at this moment to revisit a reality of another DC Madam, a homosexual pimp who was servicing the power elite in DC in the 1980's and was come down on hard. The quote is telling in why all of this Cruz sex and Cruz cover up matters in WHOREGATE.

Given my former incarnation as a D.C. madam, I followed the tribulations, trial, and death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey with intense interest. On Larry King Live, Ms. Palfrey dispensed a warning to Americans about their corrupt political system: “…think about it a bit, and you’ll come to the conclusion that we have come to. That there are possible people who have used the service who have become the subjects and targets of blackmail…
I’m uncertain if Ms. Palfrey witnessed the blackmailing of politicians first-hand, but I was certainly privy to the blackmailing of politicians and sundry powerbrokers. If the Department of Justice, the Secret Service, and The Washington Post had not been fixated on covering up the facts and individuals enmeshed in my case, Americans would have learned the unsavory truth that blackmail is endemic to their political system.

 The Lame Cherry informed all of you that just as in Director J. Edgar Hoover's time, scandals were used to control people in power out of the FBI. It was not uncommon for the CIA and FBI to monitor these prostitute rings, in order to blackmail foreign as well as Americans, caught in these webs.
I mentioned from the beginning of this Ted Cruz SEXGATE that no one just happened to give Cruz the number of an escort they were using, as the Johns do not share their favorites. When this started, this was someone on the inside looking to gain blackmail information on another inside asset, as much as these other women appearing in bed with Ted Cruz. If you work in DC, you owe someone something for that job, and they will collect, because nothing but prostitutes of various stages sell their souls to get at the power in DC.

Ms. Palfrey wrote her own epitaph in this quote:

“I am sure as heck am not going to be going to federal prison for one day, let alone, you know, four to eight years here, because I’m shy about bringing in the deputy secretary of whatever,” Palfrey told ABC. “Not for a second. I’ll bring every last one of them in if necessary.”
 It is not the size of the fish, Ms. Palfrey was threatening, but it was the other end of the line on which the fish was being played, which caused her murder. You have to know the inside scenario, in Under Sectretary of Treason gets outed by the Madam, and the FBI shows up, and suddenly he or she starts talking about, "Well I had a deal to keep my mouth shut by the FBI, if I just handed over my program spending for their use".

The FBI says, "What in blazes are you nattering about?", and soon enough figures out some suboperational group has been blackmailing this UnSec, and stealing billions for some nefarious operation making zombie out of American kids.

That is where the razor cuts the wire.

An interesting side note in the first DC Madam's case is this quote:

I was potentially staring at 295 years behind bars! At the outset of my case, my attorney, Greta Van Susteren, seemed very committed to a vigorous defense on my behalf.

You will remember Ms. FOX news there right? Remember her being a left winger, and somehow her vigorous defense of Henry Vinson evaporated and all of what was taking place was covered up in his plea bargain. For those with a memory chip, Greta starred in another cover up, in she was sent in to gain information from Lawrence Sinclair over the Obama Sodom Sex Scandal, and played Mr. Sinclair the entire time, before like her client, Mr. Sinclair had the entire world brought down on him by the Biden Machine for Obama.

My trial judge sided with the prosecution and barred the public disclosure of my clientele. After my trial judge acquiesced to the U.S. Attorney’s office, Ms. Van Susteren started to change her tune, and she urged me to take the government’s plea bargain.

This is always about the cover up in protecting the sex perverts, and as has been revealed in how rapidly, notoriously and in numbers the Cruz boogers descended upon these stories, smearing everyone with lies, that what was revealed is that Ted Cruz could not have hired this many points to someone in the Obama regime in this Bush Clinton coupling, has been running cover for Ted Cruz, as in shutting down this story in national media as Sean Hannity admitted in he knew of it for over 3 months, and they are protecting Cruz in this GOPliter operation to try and destroy Donald Trump.

I always tell you my children, people reveal what they never intend to, once they start  talking, and if you succeed in making them jump in triggering them, they blurt out things which they never intended or "assistance" from regime agencies starts appearing to protect the subject being exposed.
I had this happen yesterday in someone blurted something out which they had no idea they had just stated.

Meanwhile back at Ted Cruz's WHOREGATE, we now know the realities of:

  1. Ted Cruz is being protected by both the right and left wing media
  2. Ted Cruz has too many trolls for his little campaign to be MOG's smearing people.
  3. Ted Cruz is guilty of fraud polling in Wisconsin.
That all means intelligence assets at work, illegally for Ted Cruz, in the Clinton and Bush factions are using Cruz to try and stop Donald Trump.

Once again the question for all including the Cruz boogers, if this story was not based in Roger Stone fact, then why have all of these intelligence resources from the cartel been unleashed?

If you pay attention, you start seeing things flushed out, which never was intended by the cartel, in wasting exposure on Ted Cruz.

Stop watching the girl..........I told you that long ago.

Sappers in the wire.