Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ted Cruz Out of the Closet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Have you ever read anything Ted Cruz supposedly wrote?

We have heard from Professor Allan Derschowitz how Ted Cruz and his David Panton, were the most intelligent students Derschowitz ever housed in a Harvard lecture hall, but if anyone bothers to read the forward to the thesis Ted Cruz authored, one finds psychologically a homosexual plagiarist, who is beyond weird.

I will allow Rafael Eduardo Cruz's own words tell the tale, and you can then decide if this is someone you would not be looking at how strange this person is. Simply, Ted Cruz likens his writing to child birth and this thesis as his child.

I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me and cared so much as I have been laboring with my "child". Truly, I feel I have given birth. I would like to thank the Woodrow Wilson School Librarian, Laird Klinger, for his assistance in research, and all of my friends for putting up with me through my trials. To Shorty, Simpson, Eugene and Misi - thanks for not killing me! To Coleman we have labored together "spheres toward the wall, Oedipus." To Daniel, for serving as an intellectual blackboard. And to David, a friend like a brother, thanks for being there for me when I need you.

Does any of that sound like the most brilliant mind at Harvard, or does it sound more like the Librarian did the research for Cruz, and as Cruz was busy being pregnant with word, was driving everyone nuts, as this brilliant mind needed "Daniel" an intellectual to mould this thesis and apparently the homosexual David Panton to do whatever homosexual college boys do to be there for each other.

Ted Cruz at Harvard was nothing but a whimsical fart of thought, whose pretensions of intellect, instead were a drama of a 16 year old swayed that the Tex Quarterback let Ted carry his jockstrap after the game.

This is the real Ted Cruz naked in thought, and nothing but a smouldering faggot.

Harvard Cruz writes in his thesis of "rights" in the 9th Amendment and the distributed "powers" of the 10th Amendment, and does so poorly, as he couches it all in "angels and demons" which psychologically might be a troubling forensic insight into the inner struggle of this Cuban homosexual trapped in an ivy league body.

In suffering through reading the thoughts of Ted, I was more brought to the point of his "triadic relations" to his more recent manifestation of confiscating mineral wealth in the American West in order to bribe the political powers for delegate electioneering in Senator Ted Cruz's demands for LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy to stand down, which obtained for them murder and life in political prison.

The rights of the People shall not be infringed........

Is absent in Ted Cruz as blood stains Oregon and prisons are graves for Americans.

To visit an Americanism, Do not be buffaloed on Ted Cruz, as this is not any intellect or intellectual. He cuts and pastes, obfuscates with verbiage and makes it a crime for trees to have died for the pulp propaganda which this Canadian admitted was researched for him, mentally constructed for him and manufactured from other unpublished work.

.........and Wayne Moore for his kind use of his unpublished dissertation.

This is the real Rafael Eduardo Cruz, and it establishes why college women requested this strange little Cuban to stay away from them, and why his room mate was still posting things online about what a creep Ted Cruz was a generation after the fact.

If only Misi had used her tampon to succumb to the temptation of killing her tormentor.