Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ted Cruz Political Terrorist Machine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I sincerely hope that once Donald Trump gains the Republican Nomination in a few weeks after sweeping the next elections where Ted Cruz can not commit vote fraud with Reince Priebus, another African immigrant son of sorts like Birther Obama and Canadian Ted Cruz, that thee entire Trump legal team begins preparing for Attorney General Chris Christie a multiple level count indictment for the fraud reporter who accused Corey Lewandowski of assaulting her.

REPORT: Trump campaign manager WILL NOT be prosecuted...


This fraud stalker in Michelle Fields who is a tool of the Priebus Cruz Bush dirty tricks campaign to defraud Americans and Donald Trump from free and fair elections, has had Prosecutors in Florida reject her claims.
The Lame Cherry proved without a doubt using the video footage that Mr. Lewandowski did nothing to this woman in passing by her, and proved conclusively in her fraud hand print photo that the FINGERS WERE IN THE WRONG PLACE if Mr. Lewandowski had grabbed her. The marks are what a woman would do in grabbing herself and highlighting the marks with make up.

Upon conviction, Michelle Fields should be offered up two sentences. To be dumped into Gitmo Prison to find out what real assault is or to be dumped into Egypt to find out what real Lara Logan assault is, as accusing innocent men and women of assault is a horrendous crime, and Michelle Fields punishment should fit her crimes.

This is a creature of ill repute, as is her boyfriend and her accomplices in media, and politics who disgustingly tried to smear Corey Lewandowski in order to destroy Donald Trump.

The facts have been proven now in there is no case as the charges are absolutely a lie, like lyin' Ted Cruz.

Long ago in the Reagan Administration, Ray Donovan was smeared by the Justice Department over something he never did. He was acquitted by the Jury, but you can find his remarks yet in front of the court house in, "Where do I go now to get my good name back?"

Michelle Fields must be made to pay in the courts in being prosecuted and EVERY Reince Preibus criminal associate in this to benefit lyin' Ted Cruz must be indicted as this a conspiracy to defraud the American electors as in the disgusting traitor Rina Shah Bharara, a GOP delegate saying she is voting for Hillary Clinton.

Women are responsible for their lies in trying to destroy people and breaking laws. It is time they were made to grow up and pay adult costs from that Lauren Rose Batchelder, to those who assaulted Melania Trump in Heidi Cruz and now this Michelle Fields. These are all criminal and not political acts, and it is time the punishment fit the crimes in making examples of these horrid females.