Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trump Stocks up 1100 Today

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you missed it today, Donald Trump announced that the State of Missouri in the GOP certified Donald Trump as the victor and Mr. Trump was awarded 12 more delegates.

In case you missed it, a Republican rules delegate stated that Mr. Trump would have at least 1100 delegates entering the Convention and would win the nomination outright.

To which Rush Limbaugh did his disgusting worst to make light of that reality, putting on another pompous Cruz intellectual retard, who started lecturing that Seward had over 70% of the delegates on the first ballot in 1860 and Lincoln had nothing.....meaning that lyin' Ted Cruz could win Cleveland.

I smirked when I heard this asstard featured on half brain Limbaugh, as it is  typical of the Cruz intellectual pretenders. The Lame Cherry explained all of this completely in the 1860 GOP convention was fixed by the European elite and northeast money men. The reason is, they wanted war to divide America, so the European powers would gain control over America again, and so the New York and Boston bankers would make a fortune.

See Lincoln was the abolitionist European elite choice, as he did prove a moron in almost losing the war, and proved quite the horrid despot in making scorched earth on American Southern States.

So what a Cruz and Limbaugh asstard would not comprehend is Lincoln was a chosen idiot by the elite to bring about their horrendous end to America, just like Ted Cruz is the same idiot chosen by the elite to bring about American genocide.

That little lesson is .............#U - $X

That takes care of that for the e lint as their having all taken from them and going tits up, is fitting for lying, cheating and stealing booger trash like their sinus snot creator.

Oh and I do so love Yul Brenner in the enigma of Russian riddles wrapped in a Mexican poncho.

You know how it is when you feel that first breath of air in the stillness as the storm front approaches? What  took place in Missouri is that breath, and it was that criminal fraud Reince Priebus gasping......gee and only a few hours after another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter was unleashed in Truth.

........and where was that elsewhere on the internet? Why only here again in matter anti matter exclusives.

TRUMP 2016

Satire again the Boston Globe could learn from and profit from, if only they had talent.