Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ted Cruz the Zero Chance candidate, except for Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The disconnect of the "minds of Cruz" and the delusions of Rush Limbaugh do stun me at times, for the absolute fallacy they are.

I keep hearing the pitch phrase about this fraud Ted Cruz being the hope of all that is in finally being a Conservative candidate all could rally around in 2016 like Ronald Reagan.

Here is the absolute reality check in this.

When this started in 2015 AD everyone had finally arrived where the Lame Cherry predicted years ago, in this was a Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton race.

Now factor in the 14 other Republican candidates, which were constructed to balkanize the Republican party, neutralize the Conservative base, as we know from Rush Limbaugh that Rand Paul was explaining this in a meeting to Limbaugh how you win without the Conservative base, including the Paulbots, and that is what everyone had signed onto.

Now THIS IS FOR THE CRUZTARDS, who I take back before the time Donald Trump entered the primaries, in Ted Cruz had decided to lie and deceive the GOP base, because no one else wanted them, as the Cruz gambit to gain Rick Santorum type late primary runs against Mitt Romney, as Cruz was after leverage.

CRUZTARDS pay attention in this as this is important. Fred Thompson. Yes Senator Thompson was the Conservative hope in 2008 against John McCain and Ron Paul ran a search and destroy for the McCain campaign against "conservatives" and obliterated them.
The same issue took place in Romney 2012 in no one wanted Romney, but the GOPliters kept throwing shit to the wall which did not stick, and finally Romney won by attrition against the lackluster Conservative in the race, Rick Santorum, as the GOP was balkanized or split to allow a weak Prescott Bush candidate equal to Clinton and Obama to seize the nomination.

Everyone of you pay attention to this part for a the reality check, in if Donald Trump had not entered this race, Scott Walker would have been destroyed by his minders as he was. Every candidate would have splintered off a part of the GOP primary so 27% Jeb would waltz into Cleveland and declare victory EXACTLY as Bush41, Dole, Bush43, McCain and Romney did.

THIS WAS A DELIBERATE STRATEGY. Now for the Cruztards and all, the question is where would Ted Cruz have been in this?

In reality, he would be what he is now and always had been at 23% Ted. The difference though with Jeb Bush, is that Ted Cruz would not have been able to steal Iowa, or any other states, including Texas.
23% Ted would have been hounded to get out of the race. 23% Ted would have had his entire funding structure dried up, as there would not have been a Donald Trump to have Cruz funded against.
Ted Cruz would have been wiped out politically about the time Texas primary season appeared, as Carly Fiorina would have come forward with the Ted Sexgate realities along with Marco Rubio.

I told you the construct in this has been all along that Ted Cruz would die on the vine. This was always a Marco Rubio world next to Jeb Bush, as Rubio proved he was the ultimate gay boy insider.

So each of you get this, if it was not for Donald Trump, THERE WOULD NOT EVER HAVE BEEN A TED CRUZ who survived this long. I will state this again, that the "great conservative hope" would have been smashed by the GOPliters to silence the Right Wing.

The Right Wing, Conservatives etc... only have a voice in this Republican party now, because of Donald Trump, and not 23% Ted Cruz.

If Donald Trump had not been in this race, we would be groaning over Bush amnesty with Marco Rubio, about Obamacare forever and all that other liberal garbage for Obama's 3rd term. There would not have been a Conservative voice in this, because Ted Cruz would have been the lying, whoring, FBI investigated face of the Conservative movement, and each of you would be cowering behind your Facebook accounts in being laughed to scorn, exactly as Bill Buckley did the John Birchers.

I demand each of you Ted Cruz supporters to educate yourself to the above reality, in Donald Trump has been your lifeline and has been the only one who gave this abhorent candidate Ted Cruz any cover to even survive, and the thanks of Ted Cruz, has been to work with Hillary Clinton to destroy Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz is shameless and disgusting for his betrayal of the Republican party of Reagan. Ted Cruz is no outsider. He is an insider minder from the CIA as their asset to mind the Tea Party like Jesse Jackson did blacks.

Ignorance of the Cruz boogers allows them some leway, as I do have pity on them, for being so emotionally manipulated, that they never knew what was being done to them as Ted Cruz seduced them to betraying God and the Constitution. The above though is the reality is if Donald Trump was not in this race, Ted Cruz would have been annihilated like Fred Thompson and Rick Santorum long ago, with the Scarlet A on his head, with Chris Matthews mocking all of you for the fucktards you are again.

It would be right of the Cruz supporters to show the respect to Donald Trump that he has earned. You owe Donald Trump your vote, because he got all of us this far, while you were ranting and raging like a bunch of goddamn Muslims.

It is time to dump Ted Cruz as excess baggage, as you have Donald Trump who has been espousing even more right wing positions than Cruz, if you would simply stop being swayed by the propaganda of Cruz and the GOPliters.

Each of you realize that there would not be a Ted Cruz at this late stage of the race, if there had not been a Donald Trump. You realize that we would be talking Obama Bush policies of Mexican Muslim invasion, more war, more debt and you being told as Christians, Conservatives, Veterans and Patriots to shut up and go away, just like HW Bush did, Dole did, W did, McCain did and Romney did, as they call you wackbirds.

You have been so deranged against Donald Trump, that none of you have noticed the reality that Mr. Trump has us debating how high the Mexican wall will be, how to get you healthcare without Obama rationed death, how to get your jobs back, how to get America out of these damned wars and how to take back your nation, instead of being genocided in it.

Ted Cruz would have been obliterated, along with every Conservative dream before the Texas primary, and that is a FACT. The only reason you Conservatives deluded by Cruz are still here and bitching is because Donald Trump kept you viable in his policies.

Show some respect and get on your hind legs. Stop being led around like animals in heat. Donald Trump carried you this far and you never even knew it, because 23% Ted was always the ZERO CHANCE candidate on his own.

It is time to move on with Donald Trump and get rid of this faux con man in Cruz. Conservatives do not need this fraud. You have a keyboard and you have a voice. Mr. Trump has been listening to you all along, because it was Donald Trump who picked you up and said he would speak for you from the start.

Ted Cruz has always been the zero chance candidate. He had zero chance of winning the Republican nomination against Jeb Bush and zero chance of winning the nomination against Donald Trump. Ted Cruz only survived longer under Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump is a principled American, who would not have stooped to the GOPliter smears which Ted Cruz has been propped up by.

As Rush Limbaugh blurted out to everyone, Ted Cruz coordinated with Rush Limbaugh and informed Limbaugh that everything Cruz did was to create the impression that he was not an insider when he was, by calling Senator McConnell a liar to the deal he worked out with Harry Reid in the Green Eggs and Ham scam. Cruz knew he could never win against the chosen Jeb Bush, but only figured to survive long enough to get some delegates in order to leverage something out of the Cleveland Convention, whether it was a 15 minute speech or a promised position in the Bush regime.
That was the grand Tedwardo Cruz strategy for 2016 as the dual citizen Cubano Canadian.

Donald Trump has always been your way to Ronald Reagan America. Ted Cruz never had a chance, but only survived under Donald Trump.