Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walk Reaganly and Carry a Trump Card

candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs up after a foreign policy speech ...

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As no one has weighed in on the Donald Trump National Security and Foreign Policy Speech, which American race haters like Rush Limbaugh mocked in the esteemed minds there along with Donald Trump, I will deal with the correct analysis in short form.

It is the title of this white paper on Mr. Trump's White Paper and it is:

President Donald Trump's foreign and security policy for America and the world is Walk Reaganly and Carry a Trump Card  

Donald Trump bases his entire policy on three American Presidents.

  1. George Washington in American non intervention
  2. Theodore Roosevelt arming to not become involved in wars
  3. Ronald Reagan military supremacy to conduct peaceful diplomacy

Mr. Trump's policies are sound and American. He reminded me a great deal of the two greatest American diplomats in the duo of Dr. Henry Kissinger and General Vernon Walters.
This duo was a unique mix of American German and American French outlook in German finesse and French tact.

America requiring adult behavior by others in this world is the perfect armed buffer to make America secure behind her ocean fortress. The greatest assets in this world are an armed Germanic axis in Europe to be engaged with Russia, and an armed Japanese axis engaged with China.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote extensively in African Game Trails, of the promotion of world powers, in healthy peaceful competition to advance humanity. Ronald Reagan advanced the Richard Nixon format of active diplomacy, of again the Roosevelt doctrine of speak softly and be armed with a robust military, which all harkens back to the greatest of American Presidents in George Washington, of engaging in trade with all for American profit and friendship, while not being lured into foreign intrigue, as armed America was safe and secure.

Donald Trump brings in this speech the greatest weapon and diplomacy point, and that is Trust and Honesty.

World powers esteemed George Washington for Washington's honor. World powers respected Theodore Roosevelt for his better angel of his nature. World powers respected Ronald Reagan for his morality.
Donald Trump will be the friend to all in fairness, and the economic and military maul to all those who choose to be an enemy of these United States.

I personally heard from Donald Trump, the soundest of diplomatic character. This has been missing completely since the retirement of the Gerald Ford administrations two most accomplished government functionaries in Donald Rumsfeld and James Baker III.

Basing American diplomatic and foreign policy on the successful leadership of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, with the deep undertones of the comprehensive Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, is the exact American policy which is required, because in the above, these gentlemen ended wars, made peace and never started a war.

Donald Trump has revealed he is a master diplomat with a complete understanding and comprehension for foreign and security matters.

This was a cornerstone day for Mr. Trump in Presidential credentials, while Ted Cruz wasted the day trying to manipulate female voters by picking Carly Fiorina whose first act was to sing a bedtime song to Ted Cruz's daughters.
American foreign policy and diplomacy is Donald Trump's vision of the visionaries, and not national nipples to be suckled by nuclear armed nations as Cruz Fiorina coo coos at terrorism.

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