Friday, April 22, 2016

Thank God for Baby Girls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes when you live in a God forsaken state like Minnesota, one forgets how many God forsaken places America is, and then one sees in Republican states, Ted Cruz has stolen them and involved them all in vote fraud, so all of America is God forsaken because it has all forsaken God.

I did not want the Viking to feel bad about Minnesota, but what brought the comment on about Minnesota is I picked up a news feed........I think it was the Viking's favorite babe tube in KSTP 5 and they had on there Governor Mark Dayton. I swear he looks like a flock of vampire lutefisk drained him of blood and all body fluids and the mortician forgot to put in the embalming fluid.

I honestly think Terri Schiavo, the vegetated brain that Jeb Bush killed, made more sense in talking than Dayton did. I am serious about this. I have seen people with senility or mental retardation fused at 3 years old more coherent.

There is something wrong in the belfry of Mark Dayton. He looks like the elevator wants to go up, but it stuck in the basement.

I would think that would be enjoyable in seeing someone this sinfully strange degrade before your gaze. Sort of like Skip Humphrey looking like he suffered from dog brain in things just did not register with him.

For those who do not understand the code or the players in this, it is ok, as you can turn on your televisions and view the mutards in charge of your gulag and watch them be candidates for the old folks home.

Someone in the Minnesota legislature should request a mental examination for Mark Dayton as he should not be trusted for the Minnesota walleye opener as sharp objects might be hooked into his lip and the Evinrude will troll him up at Mille Lacs and everyone will want one instead of a chartreuse Shad Rap.
I have not been fishing in so long, I am surprised I even remember that.

Maybe there should be a contest of the most stupid looking politicians as it would be entertaining, but Mark Dayton might win the first 10 places and take show too boot.

Speaking of which I was talking to a guy who got shipped off to Rochester, the Mayo Clinic, and it cost 30,000 dollars for the tests they ran. Talk about Obamacare.
Anyway they did find out it was MS, and there are like 5 types of it, and this guy is being treated at 10,000 dollars a pop in some blood drip thing, and it is working at sort of keeping him out of the wheelchair.
I thought Mom's 10,000 for bone medicine for a year I was ready to pony up for was a wad of cash to make one blink.............I am wondering how many million it would cost for the Mayo Clinic to find Mark Dayton's brain and how they would treat that if it could be found.

Maybe it is the office as New York apparently elects Neanderthal corpses drained of blood by thousands of wild pastrami.

 In Colorado, you do not need weed smoke to get that John Hickenlooper look of thousands of joints draining any of these people ever get a pulse check?