Friday, April 22, 2016

Cruz in Spanish is DAGGER

daga, puñal, cruz, obelisco, monumento

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Butt Sexco or whatever that New Yorker's name is who fills in for Rush Limbaugh when he is off cuddling Homo Hannity, who had Judge Jeanie on today filling in with more prattle, was insulting Trump voters again today in being suckered, as much as Judge Jeanie was bringing up facts about Ted Cruz being a fraud and then attempting to link Donald Trump into the same brainwarp Cruz voters persist with.

This must be addressed as a Trump voter, I fully am aware of who Donald Trump is, because I actually invested the time to research him, along with all the other candidates, and I have heard the Reverse Speech utterances of Donald Trump, which he can not lie to his sub conscience as no on can and they follow three main points:

  1. Donald Trump loves America
  2. Donald Trump detests Obama and Clinton
  3. Donald Trump is frustrated in being cheated by Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus.

There are those who can try and discount Reverse Speech, but it proves factual and John David Oates has been studying this for decades as a pioneer, and all intelligence agencies utilize these principles to analyze what is  taking place in the world.
There are AI programs now reversing in scanning the masses to find the lone wolves.

Donald Trump was never a leftist. He was a New York urbanite exposed to liberal views which influenced him, and as he grew older like Reagan and even Prince the entertainer, he became Conservative, because it is common sense.

I know these facts about Ted Cruz without a doubt.

  1. Ted Cruz is a foreigner who is ineligible for the US Presidency
  2. Ted Cruz says he is a Conman in reverse speech
  3. Ted cruz says he will destroy people's freedom in reverse speech
  4. Ted Cruz calls his wife a Little Bitch in reverse speech.
  5. Ted Cruz is not the face of God.

I do not have to step back and ponder things like this, as I know them by instinct and am not carried away by emotions.

When the Lame Cherry started this operation to resurrect America based upon God's last chance for the West, the purpose was simple in stopping fraud Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. I had factored in that Scott Walker could have been the chance, but he buckled under Big Koch and was ruined by his handlers. That left Donald Trump, and the focus on Donald Trump in how right wing he is, but  that he is thee only horse who can get us out of the Obama abyss before we all die here in this gulag.

There is not one Trump supporter who is deluded as Buck Sexton was trying to equate Trump voters with Obamaniacs in voting in mass. The Sexton bullshit of  "well 40% of Hillary voters would still vote for her even if she was indicted" is moron in Sexton's spew, because given the fact that Richard Nixon was going to be indicted, I still would have supported him, and anyone who loves America would still vote for someone in the right under indictment over Hillary Clinton, as the alternative of her is genocide.

I know who Donald Trump is heart and soul. I have a projection point and that is the White House, and keeping frauds like Ted Cruz from it and traitors like Hillary Clinton out of it. I am not electing Jesus and what Donald Trump says about the new fags I am not going to be diverted by as saving America is thee only outcome of my focus.

Trump Supporters Stunned After He Says THIS About Transgenders Using Bathrooms

Look if you need someone to tell you how this transgender shit works out I can tell you. Some fag rapist is going to try raping some little girl or boy in a shitter. They might get it done, and then some father or mother is going to watch as the crowd in a restaurant beats the pervert to death. That will happen about a dozen times, including some rednecks beating the bajesus out of some pervert in the crapper, and it will all not be such fun as the people get away with it, as no one will remember who did it, as no one likes having men dressed up as women watching them in the toilet.

It is how things even out, just like Rush Limbaugh coordinating with Ted Cruz illegally for cash revenues and talking point memos of "trumpster" like dialects appearing, so the FBI will haul these criminals  into prison in the future too.

Donald Trump is not as right wing as the Lame Cherry, but few people on the planet are......but then I am not monarchical right wing in wanting to bow to an earthly king or queen. I am a Republican in the best form or governance is representation by honest politicians and judges, overseen by an honest leader like Donald Trump. That is where I stand until Jesus comes back and then I bow to Him.

Donald Trump is right wing enough, good hearted enough, common sense enough and the proper bastard to protect America and get the best deal for Americans. That is good enough for my judgment based upon information, fact and evidence.

I do though desire to see Roger Stone put out a white paper in how to deal with the Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson, Buck Sexton and whatever else becker ilk is out there defrauding America in this Mockingbird funded intelligence scam by FBI investigation to make it legal, and replacing them with honest talk show hosts whose right to free press is being censored which allows Rush Limbaugh to smear Donald Trump and in race hatred call Mr. Trump's voters, akin to Niggers, Spics and Mics in "trumpsters".

The way Buck Sexton was jabbering today, his reverse speech would be rich in revealing what a sham he is too, just like Ted Cruz.

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