Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hipster Hinterlands

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire again to thank all of you for your kind words and support in what is become our popular girl days. My children you make me laugh at times and I do sorrow with you too, but you do delight me and I pray God's delight be upon you in empowerment blessings and I do pray for the brats that they be blessed to be cleansed of what they are and change to a better person.

I do think about the Lame Cherry even if I do not have time, but today in who this blog is reaching, in God's Grace. It is though a fact that I would be just nattering here to myself, if the media simply would stop lying and manipulating people, and report the news.
Seriously, in the stories the Lame Cherry has broken by God's Grace, they are the things that would make a reporter's career a dozen times over, and delight audiences because they are so enticingly vile, and the media for the cartel will not touch the stories.

In 1968, the Tavistock and Standford initiatives unleashed the counter culture to tear down America which it did. There are a dozen things far worse which have taken place and there are not marches on Washington, riots in Chicago or ballads about peace and love.......instead the protocols have LaVoy Finicum murdered for Kent State, and the left is cheering and the right is jeering for the murderers.

Jeff Rense spoke the other evening about the American white male in not rising up. It is frustrating, but that is why LaVoy Finicum was shot and the Bundy's are being lifered into prison. It is a matter of people have too much in their possessions, or bribes the regime is allowing them to keep, so they will not end up laying dead in the street in Ferguson or Oregon with blow flies or bird shitting on their corpses.

Not until the people are deprived of their security will insecurity cause them to rise up, but the regime will not allow that, because the feudal few do not choose to deal with that situation yet. I have considered this for the past year in projecting the situation out. It indeed could be accomplished, with a probability that the mob would still lose, as let us face the reality, Americans are not a nation of hunters and trappers any longer, but a nation of football organized sports which teach nothing but how to die on command, as they cuddle their firearms thinking they have that right.
The reason Americans have firearms is to deceive them that they have the fail safe to rise up, as they are the frogs slowly cooked in the pan.

Each of you though is going to have to build a bridge in your minds to somewhere. What I mean by this, is thee entire psychological game of the cartel is to depress you emotionally. Depressed people are manipulated people, who act out in self destructive ways, and give up.
You have to construct in your mind at least two bridges to a future you are looking for which is secure. Call them your dreams come true bridge and your small scale reality bridge.

I will utilize myself as an example. I want the money to buy some land to build a ranch, orchard, pond, garden upon. This is dreams come true, even if it never happens due to the Great Tribulation. See I can always say even if nuclear war, a GOPliter regime, Wormwood strikes, I construct in my mind a future where I might be building my fences with the bones of dead people, but I still get my cottage no matter how bad things are.

Small bridge is my daily bread, so to speak. I pick small toys, like a throw away gun, coffee with TL, my crop testing. Things which are so small but delightful, that they can not be taken from me.

Over all of this is a blanket, in no matter what the cartel does, I still have Jesus and His return. So while I fight for Donald Trump against all of this evil, my fail safe psychologically is Jesus, Heaven, the Kingdom and even when things die, I will see them alive someday.

Construct the bridges to somewhere, so that when the times comes of the worst of the worst, that you do not lay down and die in rain soaked brush patch. Construct the bridge so you have the will to get up, find some kind of tarp, shelter or whatever, to get a small fire going to keep you warm and going for another day.

I am reminded of the example of the American POW in North Vietnam, who was tortured, starved and broken, but he daily built a home in his head, board by board, nail by nail, and he swore he would survive and go back to America to build that house. He was released and accomplished just that.

I suggest you make things non breakable in your constructs as their is enough disappointment in life.

You remember two things.

  1. You are the Kingdom of God alive
  2. You are your Republican Government

Whoever and whatever can not take that bridge from you, for those are beliefs and they carry on with you, and no matter where you are or flee to, you are a cutting taking root, and there begins the Kingdom of God and the Republic for which you stand.

The Cruz people have revealed that they do not have it in them to survive. They lie, cheat and steal. There is nothing American nor Christian in them. In the Great Tribulation they will stealing food from children, eating puppies and stabbing people in the back, because they have constructed a bridge of sociopathic nature, in their ends justify their evil means.
The Clinton construct is the same, and Bernie Sanders voters, are building a bridge to their doom, as a world where everyone is taken care of, had the Pilgrims starving as no one works.

You have to take care of yourselves in promoting your will in Christ and Republic, because before 1776, there were only books with these things in them, and little girls named Joan of Arc burned at the stake or Oliver Cromwell with his corpse head on the castle wall pike.

Build your bridges and keep moving by the left flank.