Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Of Delegarchs and Oligarchs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This comes from Rush Limbaugh, so we know it is warped to a Big Koch view of enslaving you.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III put on a whining voice to mimic Trump voters, and I did notice that looking forward to a time when Vladimir Putin invades America in the Clinton presidency, to put Limbaugh up against a wall to be shot, has perhaps gone to his half brain, as he caught himself from mocking Trump supporters as "trumpsters" and switched it to supporters, knowing this group of Patriots is going to be around Florida knowing where Limbaugh lives until of course Mr. Putin's Speznat puts bullets into Limbaugh and lines his wife up for some good Russian cock, repeatedly without Viagra.

So Limbaugh was whining at Trump voters, and said, "Well if Trump wins New York by 90% is that fair, and, when did Conservatives stop being for States rights".

The explanation of this is, Limbaugh was emitting propaganda in trying to equate Donald Trump LEGAL victories with Ted Cruz criminal vote fraud.

So the Lame Cherry answers this easily in, "Of course it is fair when Donald Trump wins 90% as Ted Cruz or John Kasich wins 10%, compared to Ted Cruz stealing 100% of the vote from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
And Mr. Limbaugh sir, knows this is not about State's Rights, but is about dictatorial seizure of State Voting Process by the Republican National GOPliters in order to thwart the will and vote of the majority of the People in supporting Donald Trump.

All of this dovetails into the Lame Cherry exclusive of the Priebus Diary in the real game is for Priebus to keep dictatorial gavel at the RNC to do this, and I will elaborate more:

1. Deny by Cruz vote fraud, Donald Trump the nomination on the first ballot.
2. On second ballot to negate Ted Cruz as a Canadian.
3. Before 3rd ballot to announce that to be "fair" another candidate must be on the ballot for delegates to vote for, and this candidate will be Obama voter, Colin Powell.....not John Kasich, and we know this because Jeb Bush is going to skip the convention, as Cruz is not going to pick him, and Powell will not pick this loser, so Jeb is being told that he can skip the convention, and then appear after a Powell loss to Clinton, to be the party standard in "See I Jeb You So". Jeb Bush will believe anything he is told.
4. Colin Powell is chosen by hook and gavel, and everyone is furious, John Kasich calls out the state police, and Rush Limbaugh says we all have to live with it, because although we are furious about it, we must stop Hillary Clinton, and besides Jon Huntsman was a Reagan guy......Bush guy......Obama guy, but he is now our guy.

So the GOPliters are attempting by Ted Cruz to rip the guts out of the Republican party in this Cruz bribery to delegates and further Priebus blackmail. I told you Webster Tarpley predicted all of this before it happened, but no one expected it would be Cruz and Priebus doing the destruction of the GOP.

This is important too as Limbaugh was very busy in putting on calls blaming Reince Priebus and the GOPliters, while trying to make Cruz Crimes as just following the rules. Odd though as Sean Homo Hannity fairly noted, and as the Lame Cherry now asks, where in the rules does it state that Ted Cruz in "schmoozing" can offer dinners, whores, little boys, chairmanships, ambassadorships and positions working for his oligarch billionaires, in turning delegates into DELEGARCHS?

This is the criminal Cruz age we now exist in Olegarchs and Delegarchs, right out of Kremlin Red Square party bosses or Peking party bosses or the Gauleiters of Germany, which is why this blog correctly named them GOPliters before any of you ever had a clue in listening to your fag media for information.

I am trying to save Donald Trump, by revealing what is behind the curtain in looking up Colin Powell's skirt. If people know this ticket with Huntsman, then it becomes a conspiracy when it comes to be, and that means this was plotted out, and was criminal in subverting the election process.
That is the Catch 22 in this, because now what does Reince Priebus do? Does he get the Vaseline for the Oligarchs, Colin Powell, Jon Huntsman and Ted Cruz, or does another plan have to be hammered together which is inferior......but same results mean the same conspiracy?
Does Priebus now try to keep Ted Cruz around, with Cruz knowing he has been nothing but a butt boy who was going to be ruined, so Cruz will retaliate on his masters in knowing too much, so they will have to take him out?

See just a little bit of information now seeping through to the public's mind, now creates an eddy and a current where all of this criminal scheming is eating itself. As fury heightens all those crooked Delegarchs are going to realize they have to go home sometime and the fiery waiting mob will be there for them, and it is odd about police forces as they actually have people on them who vote too, and just do not like being cheated democrat or gop, and they just might have another bag of donuts as the mob burns the Delegarchs houses down, just like George W. Bush had Iraqi's burning down the house after Saddam Hussein.

So now we are in a quandry of the tar pits of Limbaugh is attacking Priebus for Big Koch, and trying to make Ted Cruz innocent, when everyone knows Ted is hanging onto Reince's pocket out of his pants like a prison whore, in doing all the GOPliter dirty work.
For the record, this is NOT CRUZ people going into these states. This is HW Bush's network of crooks, as Cruz boogers can not pick their noses without directions.

We return now to the paradigm in making it shift. Donald Trump has won with a little help from some unknown popular girl in tainting these crooked elections. The masses are furious over their votes being stolen by Ted Cruz. To put it bluntly Donald Trump has the 40 million loaded guns and the GOPliters have the police state and Delegarchs with the criminal lobster dinners with little boy butt on the side.

We now see the Mexican standoff in who will flinch first. Donald Trump will win as a Republican or as an Independent Republican. I will repeat that Joel Scoursen an insider, has stated that a 3rd party takes too long to set up, so the running as an independent is what Mr. Trump will trump with.
Now for the reality, the GOPliters have run the numbers and it is why Limbaugh keeps chirping about them in "when have you known a 3rd party candidate to win?".........well the numbers all state that Donald Trump wins a Trump Clinton race, a three way race, a four way race, a 10 way race. Donald Trump wins, and that is why the Independent Republican ticket is being censored, because Donald Trump wins in every paradigm.
So I do not want you children worried about this, as you have Donald Trump and you will vote for him, one way or the other, along with democrats and every other group who is fed up with this criminal party state in America.

You really do have to listen to Limbaugh propaganda, because he can not help but tell things he thinks he knows as they have been scripted for him. He is months behind the curve and he keeps saying things trying to look bright, which reveals how stupid he is and how his owners are moving this to enslave you.

Every person on the planet knows Ted Cruz is not going to win the nomination or get any delegates, except by hook and crook. That means that Limbaugh backing a hand which will absolutely fail, as his billionaire cronies do not want to pay Donald Trump taxes and be free to loot from you all you have. This entire mic group serves the GOPliters and just like under Obama, Limbaugh is going to make another billion, as Hillary will eliminate all the competition what is left.

This all pivots on Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh can keep harping the line about "Trump knew", when the fact is Donald Trump did what he had to in fair elections in whipping everyone, and the delegates are supposed to then fall to the winner, and not be stolen by vote fraud or bribes from Ted Cruz.
Donald Trump expected honesty in the Republican party as Republicans are honest people. He did not expect the Priebus roots of Sudan Africa and the Cruz roots of Cuba third world to create criminal fraud in American elections.

Forget all of the Limbaugh stuff to be able to stomach this, but remember what I told you in the ballots at the Convention in how this is supposed to unfold to be stolen from Donald Trump and how Tedwardo Cruz is going to be cast aside like the puta he is.

Donald Trump winning in percentages, including 90% in New York proves he is honest. Ted Cruz stealing elections by 100% proves he is a crook. That is the reality and I do  thank those who have prayed for TL and myself, as this is not something those who are looting trillions of dollars appreciate to have alerting all of you to what is going to take place in exposing criminal fraud.

Now the game begins though, in what will the Cruz boogers do in being told they will be offered up to criminal prosecution and that the GOPliter plans hidden behind the curtain are now filling up the internet and they have so much invested in them.
Yes is it this crazy Prophetess being right again, or is she remote viewing, or is it the Vulcan friends, or is it someone or someones in the inner circles who have been blabbing Priebus things because they do not like this Sudanese offshoot of Obamafrica and are already whispering Jeb 2020 in hindsight.

I hope you notice, and if you did not, as I will point it out, that Reince Priebus was flying under the radar as Mr. Nice Guy with the blonde wife, and after the Lame Cherry started exposing him, suddenly Rush Limbaugh was scurrying to make a scapegoat of Priebus.

Perhaps the lovely Catherine Limbaugh has lost her boy costume, and Rush is looking to comfort the prison widow Sally Priebus, as she does have a cigar holder for a little boy.

Never mind about that, as what can you do with a Klondike Bar. I always like Peppermint Patties myself, but would opt for the Dream Freeze.

Maybe that is code you are not supposed to understand and is more Inspiration.

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