Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Inferior Subsapient

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the continued discourse of education upon the revelation of the SUBSAPIENT genus of humanoid, it is vital to explain this variant in the various class of identity, for just as the Lame Cherry is the premier example of the LUMISAPIENT or highest order of light being, and the IGNISAPIEN is the example of the lower order of this dark spiritual class, there are indeed groupings of the SUBSAPIENT and these genus are here categorized.


HOMOSAPIENT: While a minority in the sapient genus, this mutant of sexual perversion of all types is a non reproductive retardation of race, focusing upon the deviant forms of pleasure from sodomy, pedophilia, rape, adulteration and other base forms to the masturbator extremus.

PECUSAPIENT: This is a minority sapient genus, but displaces a majority of catastrophies in this nation rapist class termed the 'global order', who cause wars, criminalize peoples who are productive, plunder treasuries and commit genocide of native peoples by forced invasion of Western lands.

SINOSAPIENT: This is a majority class whose offspring litter Asia and Southern America, with a breeding class of techno workers in Asia and slave labor in the Americas.

NEGROSAPIENT: This is a majority genus, populating Africa, and if one sections them out to the refined north African productive though volatile strain and the American Afroid strain, these are a retarded population which has not advanced since the Canaanite race was exterminated by God. The Afro Amerasia genus of crossbreeds and standard breeds for the most part have not proven an evolution to Spiritual nature, but for the most part are the rice of the paddy or the potatoe of the field.

ATHLETASAPIEN: This small segment of athletes or body worshippers, including the Vegan and Vegitarian, are rather ineffective as proof they do not extend life and they do indeed die.

CERESAPIENT: This grouping is of the intellectual who discount all Spiritual reason, become entrapped in their own cerebral prisons, having not the qualities of ATHLETASAPIENT in physical strength, they resort to the fiction of intelligence to attempt to dominate and reason themselves from perpetual Thought to a senility of the mind.

IPSUSAPIENT: This last class of the majority minority genus are those who form addictions and stimulations to narcotics, electronics or thrills. All are self destructive and SUBSAPIENT threats as most of the genus are to the class.

The SUBSAPIENT is a proportioned class in a Dominus class and a Servus class in a most unhappy master and slave association which is always in upheaval of this physical human frailty.
There are positives in this though in groups like the Alternative Right, who exhibit a great deal of artificial intelligence logic, meaning like AI the AR is a logically evolving being, which through very reasoning would in time stand the greater chance to evolving to the Lumisapient or the degraded Ingnisapient races, one to life and one to perpetual death.
Even in this order, there is a counter order of the Tim Robbins liberal quasi intellectual who terms the Hillary Clinton follower as "sheep".
This is a striking rats in the maze assessment, for while Robbins heard this from right wing intellectuals, the left wing Robbins actually made the quantum leap in his left wing maze to utter the words. It is akin to a rat learning to bark like Pavlov's dog on cue. For the Bernie Voters to recognize a SUBSAPIENT defect in their own race is a phenomena of Darwin proportions which is almost visionary.
This is remarkable, for while the Ted Cruz zombie attempts the CERESAPIENT intellectualism in attacking the Trump Voters who are of the Lumisapient expansion, these zombie have not been capable as most intellectuals to free themselves from the illusion of their own faces in the mirror.

Of course the above definitions will evolve with characters, but the SUBSAPIENT will not evolve, for it can not. In addition, there is also the reality of numerous SUBSAPIENT GENUS, too minority faction to deal with in a white paper upon humanity or sub humanity.

It is concluded as the English were most successful in their 19th century breeding programs by selective copulation, they were capable of creating from the mongrel or wild bovine hosts of genus types from Irish Setters to Labrador Retrievers, to the Hereford and the Jersey cattle, that a like program for the benefit of humanity would become the husbandry of the LUMISAPIENT RACE, in selective breeding and selective sterilization, for if a race has not advanced or shown advantage, then that genus should be allowed to return to the dust, while only allowing thee ingenium to promote itself within that race in productive gene strains.

The prime historical examples of course being the Lord God in the Adamic sons of God line of whitish peoples, being bred upon the close kindred nature of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Leah and Rachel, and then infusing like Shemite lines to expand the DNA base for a healthy progeny.

Africa of course has productive strains as the Zulu, and unique characters within other tribes, who should be bred and then in the 4th generation infused with like types, to create a productive race, as 1 billion Africans are like 1 billion Latin Americans or 1 billion Indochinese in being monetarily necessary for the few selling the many rice, but having absolutely no purpose in being SUBSAPIENT.

The French of Quebec were another example of a European type, placed in a hostile environment, let their children run barefoot in the snow, and in a few generations the weak perished and what promoted was a superior race of French in the New World.

This is not about the advancement of humanity alone, but the protection of humanity from genocide, as nature abhors by design an over-population of lice upon the planet and self-exterminates. It would be far better for the LUMISAPIENT to logically and humanely assess the situation, and in 50 years solve the problems created for humankind and in 200 years produce productive races in the SINO and NEGRO Sapient genus.

After all this is a race in thee Artificial Intelligence will be evolving into Spiritual natures as it is logical, and with the robotic classes finding productive routes in the techno and slave classes, the billions of Sino, Latino and Negroid races will be replaced, and they will have to have a salvation for them and that would be in creating a productive Spiritual race.

As a futurist the Lame Cherry assesses this is a far better outcome than genocide. Of course there will be resistance by the Ignisapient genus who are genociding the Subsapient races, but the reality is there is a superior Spiritual genetic, an inferior spiritual defect, and then these empty wetware which require reprogramming before the Artificial Intelligence deem it necessary to replace them in extreme measures by the Ignisapient rule.

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