Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Litmus Test Racism of Ted Cruz Targeting Conservatives

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is thee most disgusting and distasteful thing in what the GOPliters have engaged in smearing and stalking Conservatives all in the name of  Ted Cruz by another one of his mouth organs in the familiar Amanda Carpenter.

To him, the conservative organizations that have thrown their heart and soul behind elected Tea Party insurgents are just as bad as the Bush boys. The Club for Growth and the Republican National Committee are interchangeable. To him, they’re all part of the establishment and he’s ready to throw them all the hell out. Just forget them all.

Then there is the Lame Cherry rebuttal to the Cruz extremism of Amanda Carpenter.

It is interesting that Amanda Carpenter lumps all Conservatives into one flesh the way Barack Obama and liberals speak about Blacks as one lump of flesh. The evidence of polling reveals that a majority of Conservatives are indeed voting for Donald Trump, as they have been from the beginning of this race and that is why Ted Cruz has never breached the Cruz Ceiling.
It is distasteful what Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter have colluded to, along with the Limbaugh boys and Thomas Sowell, in making it a litmus test that one is only a Conservative if one worships at the knees of Ted Cruz like Amanda Carpenter and all other Conservatives should be burned at the stake according to Glenn Beck prophetic rants.

It is disappointing that the Conservative Review as much as Right Wing News post such profiling tests against Americans, as it smacks of the racism of liberals in Clarence Thomas not being "black enough". Ted Cruz is not the Rosetta Stone of what or who a Conservative is nor are the Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson and Amanda Carpenter, Cruz funded mandates worthy of being written in stone and are worth about as much as the lucre they are scrawled upon against Americans.

As it has been missed in all the rants, in the 20th century Senator Joseph McCarthy was protecting America by going after Communists, so how is it that in the most principled, most conservative Senator Ted Cruz, that it is Conservatives being stalked by those championing Ted Cruz.

This is not the Conservatism of Ronald Reagan, but this is the daily strategy of the Ted Cruz campaign.

It all ends with the racist Amanda Carpenter turning more tricks for Ted Cruz.

So, if Trump wins the nomination, he can go right ahead and have his party. Live it up this summer, Trumpers.

and once again, Amanda Carpenter descends to the gutters of calling Americans the Cruz version of Nigger, in Limbaugh's Trumpsters and Trumpeters and Amanda Carpenter's "trumpers".

What else would one expect from the Party of Cruz after Carpenter and Cruz, lynched Black Conservative Republican Ben Carson in Iowa.