Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Melodramatic Twattle

Colin Jeavons as Tim Stamper. His whole body acts.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just a reminder in what popular girl was it that told all of you that Prince died from being black?

Something about, something about heart and liver trouble I believe the popular girl told all of you in exclusive.

When you are hosing yourself down with dope like you are a 16 year old kid and over 40, like Michael Jackson, sometimes you get assassinated, and sometimes your liver and heart just give out and you go purple and it ends your reign.

And it did not appear in Conservative Treehouse or Drudge, but here is the headline of the esteemed National Enquirer trumpeting the headline that Prince died from praying to the Jehovahs Witness god and from AIDS......yes sticking his erection up Obama gender asses gets you that knock shop, and we know from Prince's dope dealer, that Prince never did the hypos, but only the patches and the pills.

Now why do I care or should you care?

Because of course you believe Prince died of AIDS, so now of course you do believe that Ted Cruz was dicking women not his wife, and oh my after Rush Limbaugh vouched for Ted Cruz again  today about what a dickless wonder he was in only porking Heidi.

Let's not sing, but just listen to When Doves Cry and learn our lesson from this:

Don't be black.
Don't do dope
Don't be queer

Or combine it all in this.......

Don't stick queer dicks up your black shitter.

........and finally, the National Enquirer is right on Prince and right on Ted Cruz.

Prince — When Doves Cry — Listen and discover ... -

Watch the video or listen to Prince - When Doves Cry for free. When Doves Cry appears on the album Purple Rain. "When Doves Cry" is a song by the American ...

Wonder why Doug Stamper is pictured above.

...and you thought I was only talking about Apollonia Kotero's tits.