Friday, April 8, 2016

The Missing 5 Seconds of LaVoy Finicum's Death

Official Crime Scene Photo Never Before Published

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I was going to share this from John as I did miss this author's work, and it will provide a platform to further assemble the LaVoy Finicum murder time line, as the conjecture of this author is not quite right.

The friction point in this is not that the author discovered another video recording spliced into the FBI footage, which is a great achievement. It is the point he is making about Mr. Finicum was shot twice in the back upon exiting the pick up.

I do not believe that for a second, because people shot twice do not behave the way Mr. Finicum did. So I do not believe the FBI edits shows Mr. Finicum being shot, but I do believe it shows Mr. Finicum being SHOT AT.

In this, that is as damning as shooting Mr. Finicum, because it means that the FBI led by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was involved in a cover up, beyond the 5 snipers on scene lying to Deschutes County investigators. You go to prison for conduct like that.

This is what I believe the missing video reveals, based upon the Deschutes County investigators report, in one of the Oregon State Police statements from an officer who was trailing the Finicum follow up force.

This officer is rolling up, and sees Mr. Finicum exit the vehicle, and he reports that he hears the FBI screaming, "He's shooting. He's shooting". Conclusion is that while there were two radio systems operating, the Oregon State Police on one band and the FBI on another, that this was a radio report this Oregon State Police officer heard, and it was testified that the FBI had an agent imbedded into each vehicle, so that is what this is based upon.

I believe the missing 5 second footage which is close, shows the first Delta Force shot hitting the pick up and blowing out the window as Mr. Finicum is jumping from the pick up.
At that moment, I believe the FBI sniper is triggered by the Delta Force shot, Mr. Finicum jumping, and the women in the pick up screaming. This is when the two shots are fired at Mr. Finicum from the FBI position on the road.

This then fits the angle of the road shots are blocked by the pick up, and Mr. Finicum's yelling at the police to "just shoot him". If he had been shot, he would have said, "You shot me or Just finish me", as that is what psychologically a victim would state.

It is important to note in the Deschutes Files, that a "Stutterin' John" is employed by Oregon State Police for some affirmative action reason. By this I mean, the recorder of the testimony reveals one officer stutters and his stuttering actually had the investigators mimicking him from time to time.
I make a point of this, because the stuttering officer, is excitable, and in testimony says that LaVoy Finicum was yelling, "Just fucking shoot me!!!".
Deschutes bit hard on this, because they wanted to expose Mormon Finicum as some not so pure person, and when pressed on it, the stuttering officer back tracks and it is understood that no profanity was coming out of Mr. Finicum's mouth.

That point is important because if Mr. Finicum had been saying other things, Deschutes would have jumped hard on it. They never did, and the story that Oregon State Police concocted is the one which was repeated, with variations due to stress and vantage point.

So the missing 5 seconds of LaVoy Finicum's life is a cover up of federales shooting it appears, and missing deliberately, in order to pin this on Oregon State Police as they were supposed to do the assassinating, to keep this from being an FBI or BLM, USFW exposure for their agents to be retaliated on.

It still is the reality that LaVoy Finicum could not be shot in the back 3 times by Oregon State Police, as he was facing them on the road. The only OSP officer behind him, was apparently the taser officer in the non lethal position. So the shots had to come from the tree line, where Shauna Cox has testified she saw military attired individuals appear after their detention.

I will make one more note in this, in Oregon State Police, make a comment about a flash grenade type device, that has like 9 firecracker explosions which go off. If you listen to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, this seems to coincide with the other officer's report of mentioning this, in there is a great deal of firing taking place, more than the 3 shots mentioned, or it is Delta Force in the tree line, joining with OSP, who apparently missed their 3 rounds, which is not that unexpected as these are military AR 15 type rifles and not the most accurate.

In any event, the work done by the above author is valuable as it keeps the information flowing and the story alive. That is what is most important in this, in stories have to keep appearing to keep this in people's minds, as what took place in Oregon is not forgotten until the next time the regime murders someone, and there will be a next time as the federales have a practice of murdering Americans.