Friday, April 8, 2016

Ted Cruz's Connection to the John Kennedy Murder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Wayne Madsen, the same investigative reporter who uncovered the Marco Rubio gay dancing boy story, and other stories which proved correct, has released information that the father of Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz was in New Orleans, handing out "Hands of Cuba" fliers with Lee Harvey Oswald, with other Cuban activists in 1963.

The insider information is a point in that Lee Harvey Oswald, was indeed a government operative, as after being arrested in Dallas as the lone assassin, he was attempting to contact his handler in the east, who was a government official.
Hints have surfaced that Oswald was in fact of the understanding, that he was working as a Kennedy inside man, and it would fit that Oswald would be for John Kennedy in a deal worked out with Khrushchev to set up a propaganda situation to keep Castro in power.

For those who do not know, the uber right wing Ted Cruz of the Tea Party, had a father who was fighting for communist Fidel Castro, the butcher of Cuba, against the American backed strong man, Batista.

So you get this, no one was being allowed into America  who was a communist in all of this, and yet pro comrade Rafael Cruz, just somehow got out of Cuba, with only 100 dollars in his underwear, and somehow enrolled immediately in college in Texas.

As a teenager Rafael Cruz fought with Fidel Castro’s forces to overthrow U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista. He was later caught by Batista officials, jailed and beaten before being released. To escape the oppressive regime, Cruz said he applied to the University of Texas, and got a four-year student visa from the U.S. consulate. Armed with all his legal documents to enter the U.S., all he needed was approval to leave Cuba — from the Batista government.
After the successful bribe, Cruz arrived in the U.S., as his son Ted likes to brag, with only $100, with little knowledge of English and washing dishes for a living, seven days a week for a mere 50 cents an hour.

Things just do not jive with the Cruz history in how a communist was apparently from Cuba, getting a 4 year scholarship as a comrade in Texas, and the Americans just let him into America quicker than Obama in 1970.
There are photos of what looks like Rafael Cruz in Dallas 1963. The Madsen reports say it was confirmed that Cruz was hired by Oswald in New Orleans. Forensically, the photos do not seem to match perfectly, even if that pronounced nose and ears are close, which begs the question in this intelligence operation, if like Oswald, there were two Rafael Communist Cruz's?
So you fast forward this, you have Jesuit Vatican Cruz as Comrade Cruz coming to America, and somehow this Cruz sr. is haunting around Lee Harvey Oswald, and no one ever bothers to find this John Doe like Oklahoma City with Tim McVeigh, but Cruz sr. does get funded by the Koch Brothers, speaking at Conservative Think Tanks, saying crazy things like Ted jr. is the anointed king of America, and Cruz sr. is pushing a state religion called Dominionism, which has been hijacked from the original dogma.
I am going to take you into intelligence operations for a moment, to explain something. In major operations, there is not just the main operation, but there are covers for it, layers for it, compartments, which all meld together, so someone on the outside never knows what they are looking at.
The Cuban Connection was part of the JFK assassination slight of hand. Kennedy was apparently using Cubans to curb the US right from rectifying Cuba in the Kennedy failure, and it appears Oswald and Cruz sr. were part of this. On the flip side, there were William F. Buckley, Mexican station and E. Howard Hunt operations run out of the White House, using Cubans as a front to get Castro.
These two opposing operations were both being run, and it is not that uncommon as in the Oswald situation, that a shadow Oswald was impersonating him........and it is possible that the real Rafael Eduardo Cruz of Cuba, might have been shadowed and after the assassination, the person who was hired by Oswald, was eliminated in he disappeared, and the shadow operative appeared in that identity, or vice versa, depending on which side actually was in control.
At the least in this, we have a confirmed communist sleeper from Havana, being run by traitors inside America, as a sleeper in the States, under the identity of Christian Conservative radicalism, funded by Big Koch, or at most, Wayne Madsen has touched upon the inner working of CIA KGB operations in America that blundered into the Kennedy assassination, in which it may be two Rafael Cruz's existed in 1963, and only one emerged with the identity, in the other received the same administered end as Lee Harvey Oswald.
Nothing is going to get through the Cruz voters, as their CIA MOGS have them so conditioned that none of these Tea Party faithful as boogers are even stopping to ask why in the hell does a Cuban communist someone end up as Ted Cruz's old man, and funded by Big Koch and hijacking a Christian dominion movement?

The time line of Rafael Cruz sr is one of magic, in he was 14 years old in 1953 when he started the Revolution with communist Castro. Sr. missed all of his high school education, but did write a letter to Texas and as the Revolution was unfolding in 1957, Sr. shows up in Texas for college...........
Oh and he says he has a Social Security card too, which he could not have had, unless it had appeared magically as Obama's has.

The Cruz sr. past is mafia CIA linked in the Matanzas and Batista factions in Cuba. I believe Cruz sr., the one not given the Oswald treatment, needed a past for whatever or wherever he really originated from in assuming an identity, and took the communist fiction, and embedded himself for the socio conglomerates to rise up the Sugar Land baby of Ted Cruz fiction, just like Barack Obama was. 

I am absolutely certain from Reverse Speech from David John Oates that Ted Cruz is a fraud. I am absolutely certain in the endless cover Cruz is getting from the Mockingbird right and left press, that he is a CIA asset from college, and has much deeper roots in the intelligence community than was revealed. I also am certain from the absolute high tech vote fraud in every state Cruz was involved in, and the scripted talking points coming from Limbaugh, that Ted Cruz has exactly the phony background in connected people who make no sense as Barack Hussein Obama has.

The story continues.