Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Priebus Diaries

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Editor's Note: This is going to be a stand alone post as the information is this vital.

About a week ago, David John Oates of Reverse Speech, blundered onto something which did not make a great deal of sense and Jeff Rense would not touch it. The reversal was about ISLAM SENDING MONEY in order to stop Donald Trump and the source was Reince Priebus.

Priebus – “.. then it’s really too late! You can’t turn around in mid-July and say, okay [now I’m gonna mount a], third party ballet access initiative, it’s, the whole thing is ridiculous.” – Islam sending money.

There are rules in this, and when Reinhold Richard Reince Priebus starts providing information, then it can be discussed. But just who is this "Greek" with a highly German sounding name who was handpicked by George H. W. Bush to shepherd his son Jeb into the White House.
In order to understand the former employee of the California NAACP, you have to look to his roots in Big Koch moved into Wisconsin's energy sector and purchased the Republican party in Governor Scott Walker, Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus.
Yes you never hear anything about this now do you, in Ted Cruz stealing Wisconsin, which had Donald Trump up by 25 points, and the entire Republican party is owned by the Koch Brothers out of Wisconsin.

You probably can assume that not being reported and bragged about, is because it is something you are never supposed to know..

Now for something on the interesting background of Reince Priebus in his "German Greek" background. I  will add a point in your reading this, that no one except special candidates got stationed anywhere in their tours in the 1960's outside of Vietnam, Germany or South Korea as that was the war front.

“Back in the ’60s, northern Africa — as I understood it and as it was explained to me — was sort of the new frontier of southern Europe. So there were a lot of Italians and Greeks and Spanish that lived in northern Africa in the ’60s. My mother was 19 or 20 when she met my dad, and she had lived in Khartoum her entire life. She worked at the American Embassy in Sudan. My dad was in the Army in Ethiopia because the United States had an Army base in, I think it was Eritrea. And then he met my mom when she was in Khartoum.”

If you need to have this explained, Khartoum is in SUDAN. Ethiopia is NOT Sudan nor Eritrea. People just did not travel around as this was and still is dangerous warlord country. Embassy means US intelligence asset and the American Army raised holy hell if Americans went around marrying darkie foreigners.
You are seeing something which makes no sense except in the political minder class like Obama sr and Stan Ann Dunham or Ted Cruz's creative parentage.

There is a rule for the cartel in you never spend your own money, but spend other people's money, and that is where this gets Obama ACORN odd in 300 million dollars in terror funding for Obama in the 2008 campaign election theft.

I am going to mention something which is probably going to sound odd as most information does here, until it is pieced together for you. You have all heard of ISIS right? The Islamic State? Well it really does not exist.

Ok let me explain. In the 1990's Bill Clinton kept Saddam Hussein power so oil for mansions could kick back millions into leftist politician retirement accounts. The Clintons got from Marc Rich clever accounting, 60 million dollars.
The Bush family was having their oil revenues cut into by Saddam, so they took him out, as Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraqi oil, for part of the Bush fam cut.  When W took out Saddam, it infuriated a number of other cartel members who liked Saddam bribery funds. So this gave a big problem to W and ushered in Birther Hussein Obama, who has been busy since day one in reorganizing the world dope traffic as this blog exclusively reported, and all the other human traffick, weapons traffick........and yes the oil traffick.

ISIS was created out of the Kurds for oil traffick smuggling profits. Everyone was getting a cut from the Obama McCain generated oil generated tanker and pipeline routes into Turkey. To make a long story short in this, the kickbacks to dump all of these Muslim invaders into Europe and America, is part of this ISIS oil laundering campaign. In America, two political parties are obtaining funding in their "cut" in this, and that brings us back to Reince Priebus blurting out in Reverse Speech that odd phrase about ISLAM SENDING MONEY.

For the GOPliters in the GOP, it is ISIS which is sending the money to stop Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump has been saying things like Russia should handle things, and things like blowing up the ISIS pipelines, which under the cover of terrorism is creating this hundreds of billions of dollars in contraband from opium, children, weapons and oil, that is providing the platform for the overthrow of the West.

I have a little photo here for you to look at, in you might recognize these happy people meeting with ISIS. You might recognize Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. It was this trio who set up the GOPliter cut of the Obama ISIS construct.

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Iran Sales ...

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Iran Sales. ... In the Middle East, Koch-Glitsch paid what the termination letter describes as an ... The Koch brothers ...

Once you get into the money money, it is all the same group of oligarch crooks, who then are employing various factions all to the same end of only allowing their stooges into any spot of power, from lowly delegates to the White House.
It is though what you have been fighting and dying for, whether it is Marc Rich in the 90's to Obama in the 21st century. The biggest bazarre of profits in the Mideast and that is where a great deal of the money is flowing into American political campaigns, as Reince Priebus with his mafia ties blurted out.

The Lame Cherry is going to caveat this in matter anti matter exclusives, because it has become boorish for the MOG's to continually use the spew point of, "Where is your proof".
Yes it is obvious that this criminal laundering of terror money is going to have Big Koch putting up websites admitting to all of this or Reince Priebus telling everyone how terror funding helped steal the Colorado election for Ted Cruz.

So with that reality established, this is how the money is coming into the GOP from Obama McCain terrorists.

ISIS traffickers deposit the millions in this part of the cut into Saudi banks. The Saudi royals signed an investment deal with Goldman Sachs (Yes Heidi Cruz Goldman Sachs) by which this money is laundered and in closing deal fund, finds its way into the accounts of these oligarchs which then coordinate with Reince Priebus to bribe women who Ted Cruz adulterated with to payoffs to delegates in bribes or threats to get the FBI or IRS investigating the delegates or whoever.

Reince Priebus knows exactly where the money is coming from in this Islamic State operation, but refers to it always as "the deal" which is part of the greater "deal" to keep the political stooges who are running this criminal syndicate in power, so that the final phase can be unleashed in mock civil war, where the political class is exterminated for the feudal few who will rule. Priebus is not aware of the last part as the bottom feeders are never told they are shark bait.

This is not party direct money. This is the back operational funds in both parties and how it generating revenue. Inquiry says something about the gratuities are coming into the wife's personal accounts.

Inquiry points to the "pool fund" coming out of ISIS is 1.5 billion dollars American. The GOP cut is 400 million and matches exactly what Priebus told the world he had to raise. It is just one of those things in being astonished at how much money the oligarchs are dumping and saying," How can anyone afford that", and then someone simply answering, "It is Islamic money from deals, so do not ask questions".

I am certain the Cruz boogers will be unfazed by the above and in denial, but it came from the knowledge which Reince Priebus possessed, and it fits perfectly into how all of  this is exposed on the surface. You are not supposed to know any of this, but now you do in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.