Friday, April 1, 2016

The Stealth Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz, the Canadian, and his scorched earth boogers have been trying to say that Donald Trump received 2 billion dollars in free advertising, but neglecting to note that every outlet has been trying to book Cruz, but Cruz will not appear.

Why? Ted Cruz in every appearance on television fills viewers with revulsion that his poll numbers drop, and when Cruz is stealing votes in vote fraud, he needs to keep his 23% ceiling in tact to pull off the crimes.

For the record, for the past year, Ted Cruz has received 11 hours of free publicity from Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and Beck, with constant belittlement of Donald Trump in calling him just "Trump" the Trumpster or ridiculing his voters as dumb as posts.

As Jeff Rense has noted, Sean Hannity has been the only fair person in media, and that is why Ted Cruz stays away from him, Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reilly, and just goes for the cuckers like Mark Levin and  Erick Erickson who smear Mr. Trump daily, and with the assistance of Limbaugh mockery, Ted Cruz has his equal 2 billion in free ads, and his ads are targeted at the right wing.

Oh in case you missed it, the Ted Cruz ads have disapeared from radio, after the story was exclusively posted here about the money laundering and the need for a criminal investigation of Cruz and these mic heads............I doubt you will thank me for that or Conservative Treehouse will have a glorification page for the Lame Cherry, because they need "proof" and have no idea how to even make political psychological war.

Now Ted Cruz is stealth. He will not show himself, because voters hate him like Hillary Clinton when they see this repulsive fraud, as  they keep hearing in Reverse Speech how he is lying to them non stop.This is a glimpse of what Ted Cruz in the White House will be. It will be the Cruz boogers storm trooping across America censoring everyone, and fire bombing literally the offices of Sean Hannity, while Ted Cruz sets up his own media outlet with Levin and Erickson to run the People's News Outlet, like Kim Jong Un, so we can all marvel at some new Cruz booger spewed from his nasal cavity.

Ted Cruz simply can not handle any tough questions........unless of course Megyn Kelley hands them to him before a debate, so he can stand there and recite a religious response with no challenge......and that is why Ted Cruz is hiding from the media.

The only fun I have had in this, was a real fuckhead yesterday who phoned up Rush Limbaugh, literally mimicking Ted Cruz cadence and twang, scolding Limbaugh about how Ted was  not promoted enough and that Limbaugh had not  taken a gun out and shot at Mr. this, Rush  Limbaugh showed why he is hired by Mockingbird, as he made a fool out of this "Cruz intellectual" in showing how the caller flip flopped.....and that my children and my brats is why Ted Cruz is not going on Sean Hannity, because he is as stupid as his boogers....or Obama. Cruz does ok with set questions he can make notes on, and set up protester situations where he can lecture, but he is absolutely a moron when it comes to answering why he is such a backstabbing do remember, David Rockefeller, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Donald Trump.........and now John Kasich in trying to keep him off ballots so Cruz can steal Montana?

Ted Cruz never wants to sit down and talk about his adultery, his Nig lynching, his lying, his using the Bush machine in dirty tricks against Donald Trump, or how he bribed Louisiana delegates to steal them from Donald Trump. No Ted Cruz just wants Mark Levin sniffing at Cruz turds and declaring they don't stink, but have a tootsie roll flavor.

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