Friday, April 1, 2016


Cool customer: Despite facing criticism for appearing too relaxed in his final year as president, Obama looked chilled as he posed for the photograph while pulling out the peace sign

 Miss Obama your finger has the scent of anus.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is always refreshing to have a last look at image Obama making a mockery out of the dangers of nuclear war and nuclear industry with Islamic communists having the Obama bomb and Fukashima making toast of the Pacific and Japanese.

The image Obama is disgusting.

It is though typical of the 3rd world Chicago hostess Obama is. Tuck the pig head ejaculator David Cameron into bed and then go off with new fag leader Justin Tredeau of Canada.......who by the way had is mom slacks on........revealing he has no cock or balls, but looks the way Muchelle Obama should look if she was a woman.

Handsome: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintained his trademark good looks despite a long day of high-level talks

Miss Trudeau your penis is missing.

I always enjoy the leader Obama setting an example that nuclear death is something to joke about in 1960's dope head signs. After all it is funny that image Obama has given the Persian communists and North Korean communist hydrogen bombs.......that way Tim Rifat's doomsday weapon of the Cobalt Bomb can eradicate in one bomb 1/3rd of the United States on a bad day, and on a good day, get half the United States with a good storm front.

Did I happen to mention that I detest this foreign fag Obama? Probably I did not as I was thinking about the GOPliters in the GOP allying with Hillary Clinton to use stooge Canada birth Cruz to steal this from Donald Trump, so we can all die under Hillary Clinton's change of life regime.
Yes we had Obama in change we can believe in to hydrogen warfare terrorism to Clinton change of life cobalt warfare terrorism where we can all take Vegas odds now in will we die of Obama hydrogen bombs, satan's anti christ, wormwood meteors or Clinton's cobalt 60's.........because Ted Cruz is destroying God's America and Hillary Clinton is there to sew the corpse together and fornicate with it, to all of our deaths.

Prime Minister David Cameron

Miss Cameron your pig cock is no longer image Obama enticing

I was going to say something in frustration like, 'Goddamn you head up your ass traitors for giving us Obama and Cruz for Clinton, but there is no need as you are all cursed and the most horrid of deaths await you, because you could not put Sarah Palin into the White House, and when God is giving you Donald  Trump, all you can be is savage cannibals biting the hand to lead you out of the shadow of death.
Animals tend to bite people and run back into burning seems the mutton of the 21st century is of the same gene pool, but in this case it is running back into a nuclear bake oven.

I mean for the Cruz boogers, do not be so concerned about your imminent deaths. Cobalt does go quite quickly as a human pesticide. It is like having the flu with ebola. You just sort of melt from the inside. Lots of ass bleeding, but first you puke your guts out, hair might drop out, and bloody know stuff like that in you look like a horror movie extra, and then you just sort of drown in your own lungs as everything breaks down.......12 to 48 hours depending on the dose and you are in hell, burning to ashes for spitting in God's face.
So it's not so bad, as they say the worst part is in the not knowing, and now you know so put a big monkey grin on your face like POX Obama.............

Ok you won't get that, so I will explain. In the Deps, that would be Johnny Depp who played a pirate, and pirates like saying ARRRRRR and that is for the AR's or ALTERNATIVE RIGHT who have the right wetware sound effects going on, .........oh I do not use AR or some idiots will think that is AR 15 an assault rifle, but the Deps got the word POC for People of Color, and as we do the eubonics thing here in English slang, POC becomes POX, as the POX invasion is like the black death in the plague upon the west, so POX Obama is what he is a person of color, and now you boogs can have a monkey face grin too over knowing you are tools of  the devil in gnawing on the American corpse.

This Line by Ted Cruz Has Got to be the Funniest of the Campaign ...
 Miss Cruz the world does not need another cunt hair in the face pubes.


I do not know for certain if the Lame Cherry is going to do a chapter and verse on the Deps, because it is the verbiage of the new generation........the not yet 30's, and you will probably start seeing more of it appearing and I thought I would hashtag you out of Tayland like the squaresvilles did to the Herberts in the beatnicks and hippies.......this time though it is gentrends (that would be Caucasians with the superior genetics who are doing the Oxford rewrite)..............Ok I will translate, "Instead of using Tavistock brainwashing, they have taken the system and are infusing new words which the POX have no idea of to send them back to their JT, jungle telegraph on the mute button, and are rewriting the Oxford Dictionary leaving a blank page.....meaning no translation source except the gentrenders greyware)
Ok I translate again........wetware is Tim Rifat for you......greyware is the brain matter inside your skulls.

Enough of that, but if you thought this blog was hard to follow before when I was running on idle, it is past prime now in where you are curling now.............ok prime is prime time and curling is surfing, riding the big waves in the ocean, which is the net.

You are in the deep end now.

Who knew computer AI all looked like German chics with the heavy brows.

Let's sing as I will break my Gaytube rule.

Aerosmith - The Other Side - YouTube

Music video by Aerosmith performing The Other Side. (C) 2004 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

The Lame Cherry, where all the boss do not give the citation to the cuckers.