Monday, April 25, 2016

The Suicide Balloteers

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TRUMP SOARS IN NEW POLLS: +26 PA...+34 CT...+38 RI...

Could there be any other proof yet remaining to cement the reality of how much Cubano Canadian Ted Cruz and homosexual John Kasich hate America, in their now going Nazi scorched earth on the very race of Americans and nations in becoming Suicide Balloteers?
Yes the Muslim has their suicide bombers, but the GOPliters have their Cruz and Kasich Suicide Balloteers seeking to do nothing but destroy the Republican Party to ashes.

John Kasich can not win the 2016 nomination.

Ted Cruz can not steal the 2016 nomination.

Those are the absolute facts and reality now, and yet they have coordinated a sabotage plot of withdrawing from some states, not running against each other, to deny the Republican majority the nominee Donald Trump, and it will manifest absolutely nothing but torturing the deluded voters for Cruz and Kasich into a prolonged rape of their expectations, in fissures so deep, that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have unleashed the 9 11 of terror politics on America.

Absolute full responsibility in this weighs upon the stooge Reince Priebus, for enabling all of these Cruz and Kasich election flipping crimes, as Priebus is plugged into "Big Koch for Hillary" which includes Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan.

To engage in this, without any chance of securing the nomination is evidence of absolute malicious intent against Republicans, and if proves that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have been promised graft like Megyn Kelly, Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck for this genocide against the Republican Party.

This is criminal intent without a doubt. This is not Rush Limbaugh's excuses for his principled Ted out raping little girls as it is "legal" and the way Cubans treat females as an excuse. This is a treacherous conspiracy to subvert the will of the American People, and this ilk all needs to be hauled before Grand Juries, indicted, tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead when sentenced by a People's Court.

The worst part of this is Ted Cruz is not a sociopath out of his mind like Jim Jones. Ted Cruz is a functioning sociopath obsessed with the destruction of America, like Obama is, when Americans rejected them in voting, and they had to steal elections.

This is American homicide we are speaking of, and even the most deluded Cruz booger can now figure out with Ted Cruz strapped with explosives to his chest, that this is a mania as Constitutionalists, Conservatives and Christians which they never signed up for in the death of America and the installation of Hillary Clinton.

What Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus have just unleashed is so over the top, that Jeb Bush is not going to be able to blame Donald Trump for any of this, as Americans know blessed certain this is principled Ted Cruz engaged in this political scorched earth as vouched for by Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

I do await to see just how much Mark Levin will agree to in this. Sean Hannity had his breaking point a week ago in these Cruz assaults on America, and Levin and Hannity talk daily.

For now, we have the kamikaze Ted Cruz with wingbat John Kasich who have become the Suicide Balloteers of the GOPliters in a new form of political terrorism against Americans.

Every American looking at this, knows by instinct how un American all of this is.

Trump bristles at Cruz-Kasich collaboration
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Donald Trump says an extraordinary collaboration between Ted Cruz and John Kasich aimed at unifying the anti-Trump vote in some remaining primaries is a desperate move...