Monday, April 25, 2016

The Secretary of Himmler Security

! el grito señor dagger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that fraud Ted Cruz's campaign is imploding, in this foreigner can not steal the GOP nomination from Donald Trump on second ballot, third ballot or any ballot, there comes a time when we have to figure out what to do with this Cuban mercenary, because as responsible Citizens we just can not let him loose on the world.

The Supreme Court is now out, as Cruz is ...........well a by word for all that is corrupt and criminal in this world.
Tedwardo will not gain a repeat seat in Texas in the US Senate for being a pariah. Then of course Goldman Sachs is not going to hire this menace, as it would bankrupt the country.....and of course he can not be President of Jewry, as it would cause a nuclear strike on the Israeli state in now the Obama Muslims all have hydrogen bombs.

So what to do with Ted Cruz?

In some fine nations like North Korea, they would take him out, tie him to a mine and then shoot at him with a howitzer. I like to think that the West is more civil than all of that, or even like in Cuba in putting Ted into a dungeon where he only has rats for company, sex and food for the next 50 years is a bit fitting, but civilized people need to find occupations for their incurables and not take money from working people to let the criminal dine on nice rat steaks.

In that, I believe in honor of Ted Cruz, we change the name from the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Himmler Security.

Ted Cruz would be Secretary of Himmler, and I see all kinds of fine things which could occur. 

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Instead of the SS, there would be the Boogers, who would have nice striped shirts, like Buster Brown shirts, and they could wander through the streets beating people with least those who did not have guns unlike those who do who would be allowed to shoot the boogers. This would clean up a great number of things in America, except of course Jews plotting 9 11 stuff as Ted likes Jews over all other races, religions and colors......but let's just let Ted and the Boogers loose in America and see what happens.

Ted would have his own Himmler uniform. A nice black one, and his own Book of Mormon instead of a Luger. Glenn Beck could be Ted's girl friday, and when they were not rubbing each other down with oil, they could be out burning Evangelicals at the stake.......again those who had guns could shoot first, and this would keep everything kosher.

I really believe this is Ted Cruz's calling. Of course he is a sociopathic, obsessed maniac, but nations can use creatures like this for biological warfare has its place. Even a good case of VD teaches a lesson.

So let's just figure on Secretary of Himmler, Ted Cruz. His Chief of Booger, Glenn Beck. Propagandist, Megyn Kelly. GOPliters Limbaugh, Erickson, Levin and Limbaugh (David) could be Ministers of Thought, who could tell us that people being burned at the stake is a beautiful thing, as the old Castro communist fighter Papa Cruz loads up the pyre.

So Viva la Cruz, the Cuban Dagger, the Sinus Snotter, the Secretary of Himmler Security. Let us make a lethal cocktail out of this Cruz lemon for the good of the world.