Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thee Inevitable Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been around animals all of my life. They are rude beasts. Some fight the rope. Some snarl. Some paw, but in the end they all submit to their master.

The fact is that the Cruz voters are going to have the rope of Donald Trump upon them, as Ted Cruz is the horse you have all seen in the cinema, gone lame and abandoned for the wolves to devour.

Ted Cruz will be vanquished politically to the last breath in a few weeks by reality of delegates.

The fact is that by June 7th, after all the Cruz schemes for the GOPliters, that Donald Trump will be the uncontested Republican Nominee, as that is what the numbers in delegates are.
One does not need to see the guillotine fall in political death, but only hear the cheers of the crowd to know that the end has come.

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Paul Manafort, the convention manager for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump discussed the campaign’s efforts to shore up going forward and explained that he works for Trump “directly.”
“I work directly for the boss,” Manafort told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “I listen to everybody, but I have one man whose voice is louder than everybody else’s.”
He also said he was confident that Trump will have clinched the Republican Party’s presidential nomination before the convention.
“The reality is,
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

has seen his best day,” he added. “The reality is, this convention process will be over with sometime in June, probably June 7.”

Donald Trump will be a good master to you former deluded of Cruz. He will set you free of that bondage. He will give you all that Ted Cruz could never deliver, and so much more.
You will though not bare the fang nor the claw in your petty growlings, for your stupidity is your own and not Donald Trumps.

It is your responsibility for allowing yourselves to be deluded, long after the carcass was pronounced coyote bait.

Donald Trump is thee inevitable Republican Presidential nominee, vanquishing all, and Donald Trump is thee inevitable President of these United States.

To think so otherwise, to think of Paul Ryan or Rush Limbaugh, Cruz fictions, is the definition of insanity. Your madness will not be tolerated. You will be human and that is what is expected of you from this point on.

This is the way it is going to be for the next 9 years. President Donald Trump. The sooner you step out into reality, the more you will not have to lie to everyone what a fool you have been in being led around by other political inferiors.