Saturday, April 9, 2016

NSA Tracking SEAL Families

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK so the Lame Cherry was right again in matter anti matter, that the Navy SEAL Team 6 was assassinated by the Obama regime as "payment" for the killing of the bin Laden actors in Pakistan, just like the US Soldiers were all put into fire pits to be shot at by Obama terrorists in Afghanistan  for the quid pro quo, but who measures such things when Conservative Treehouse has MOG's smearing this blog and others, in the Lame Cherry always being proven right in the long run.

This is about the NSA now targeting the families of the dead SEALS, as some like the Strange family, had given to them the actual files, including autopsy photos of their son, proving the official story was a cover up and bogus.
The reality is which most of you have not kept up on, is the SEALS were all cremated as the official report was their bodies were burned beyond recognition, which that was not the case. I can tell you as many can tell you, that their loved ones can be blown to pieces, and the military will put them back together, so a cover story of cremation, means there was something which was being covered up, beyond the wounds.

Even bin Laden's corpse was not cremated, but buried intact at sea, so in jet flights, there is absolutely no reason to have concerns with sealed caskets.

What I found interesting in this, is the documents for the files are on Google, but you receive an alert stating Google can not scan large files for viruses. That points to Google knows the NSA has embedded sophisticated tracking software in those files, and it also is a telling reality that this is an intimidation tactic to warn people off from actually reviewing documents which Americans were never supposed to see.

I conducted inquiry into this, and inquiry points to, the SEALS were dead before they hit the ground. There was a nerve agent administered inside the transport. The cremation was not to cover up the nerve agent as it would not trace, but the cremation was to hide that the SEALS were dead already.

What these SEALS had in their grey matter was the reality that they had been duped into shooting an actor portraying bin Laden, and the sabotage of a stealth helo which was handed over to the Chicoms, as part of the quid pro quo for the corpse of bin Laden, which they sold to Obama to change the subject on Jerome Corsi's and Donald Trump's focusing America on Obama's forged birther abstract.

It was expedient to murder the SEALS as they would have pieced together the evidence, and some were in that process, and offering them up to the new Obama dope lords in the opium fields, made the world a less terror prone place.....a few SEALS, a pile of opium and some nice children to molest, what more could any turban head for Obama ever ask eh.

Ok that is enough in the right direction.