Monday, April 11, 2016

To Love the Smell of Firebomb in the Morning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is amazing to me what liberal Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton voters spend their time doing and posting things online. I mean LaVoy Finicum writes books and tries to turn Paiute art back to them, and the FBI is recording everything he is doing before they murder him.
Yet the internet seems to be filled with bright liberal voters who post the most interesting of things.

I mean like Roger Stone of the GOP posts threats about releasing these fraud delegate names, but liberals really are into the science of things. Just look at this headline:

Che Guevara Was Really Into Shotguns and Molotov Cocktails

Shotguns and Molotov cocktails are standard fare during the early phases of revolutions. They're common and easily obtained in urban and rural areas. Spent shotgun ...

Who would have ever thunk that Che was into guns and fire bombs. Certainly never came up with Ted Cruz's old man was a communist in Cuba, trying to drive out American ally, Batista, but who knew such things, as people on the right are cowboys and never go on these First Amendment sites.

Che interests me, because I always wonder just what kind of parasites live in Cuba beards or what kind of parasites come out of Cuba, so I took a look see what the Bernie Sanders voters were up to online.

This one is really interesting, as they took Comrade Molotov's original fire starter, and made it ......well like a 21st century Obama weapon.

Here is the recipe.

  • First you get a glass bottle or jar. They did not say, but I think a wine or quart whiskey bottle with a long neck might be preferred by Sanders voters as the neck would be like an old German National Socialist hand grenade as a leverage to throw it.
  • Then you put in 8 ounces of gasoline
  • Then you put in 4 ounces concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • Seal all of this up with the lid and test the lid so the acid does not eat it up in 24 hours as storage is important as transport.
  • Wash the bottle as any acid on the bottle will become a problem for phase 2
  • Phase two is place 2 teaspoons of potassium chlorate and 2 teaspoons sugar into a glass cup or bowl (I am thinking Anchor Hocking bowl) and add 1/2 cup boiling water, and dissolve the sugar and potassium chlorate.
  • In another glass baking dish, place a heavy duty paper towel (I am thinking Bounty) folded in half and pour the solution of dissolved sugar and potassium chlorate over it.
  • When it is wet, remove it, and do another towel, and dry them.
  • When dry place glue around the glass bottle or jar, and adhere the paper towel to the jar, and store.
Apparently, acid when it comes into contact with the sugar and potassium chlorate, it just burns white hot according to the Sanders voters, and that is why you do not want any residue on the outside as you glue the paper towel on.

That is about it for the 21st century Molotov or Sanders cocktail or Cruz cocktail, as they are both backed by the same insiders like Hillary and Kasich and Ryan and Jeb..........the list goes on.

I was looking at this and as of course being a law abiding sheep, I have no experience in things like this, but I started wondering if you like added by glue a steel band or if maybe a Sanders voter put like 2 inches of cement and dried it if it would work to break windows with and then it would break as it entered the building, and spread the fire.
Then again I do not know if anything is in concrete which would make it dangerous or if it would neutralize the acid, but I suppose some kind of cement glued to the bottom of the bottle would solve all of that too.

These liberals even were talking of using bottle butane, and putting it on some charcoal, and that apparently makes a thermobaric type bomb. I suppose that would work on those propane tanks too, and maybe that is why they keep missing from Walmart, but it is not like a Muslim could toss one of them through a window with a charcoal grill attached to it for the Obama regime.

It seems though everyone in the military just loves Molotov cocktails. The Fins trained with them against Russia and the Wehrmacht did too with great success at Stalingrad. Sure enough the comrades started something and everyone else built a better mouse trap.

Finnish Combustions Bottles had two large matchstick like "ignition sticks" taped on the glass bottle. Stick was at first ignited (another was spare one) and the bottle was then thrown against the target. This has been handled also elsewhere but I repeat that Finnish models (there were two) were factory made weapons developed during the alte 1930's. They contained a mix of ethanol (alcohol), gasoline, phosphor and tar which made the compound inside the bottle thicker, more sticky and increased the temperature of the fire much above that it would have otherwise been.

When going through my Armoured Crewman Trade Training, we were actually taught how to make and employ "Molotov Cocktails" against tanks. Don't ask me why but it certainly was fun trg.

We used 1 and 2 Litre glass wine bottles, filled them 3/4 of the way full with gasoline, topped them up with motor oil, and stuffed a cloth rag half way into the bottle leaving at least 20cm of the rag hanging out. The gasoline burns well, the oil makes the whole flaming concoction "stick" and the inside and outside rag lengths prevents it from going out as you throw it as well as ensure a good combustion when the bottle breaks.

The best place to toss it at a tank was onto the back deck so that the burning gas and oil would suffocate the engine (static tank is better target for other weapons) and/or cause the POL products in the engine compartment to ignite. Into the Commanders hatch was mentioned and tried by us on some old Centurion relics but we found it very hard to do from ground level.

Molotovs are best employed in a built-up area like Stalingrad and from the floors above a street. I'm sure you can appreciate that it's easier to drop accurately than throw accurately.

Nothing like actual experience I guess, dropping Molotovs out of windows and using the fire to stall tank engines, when everyone else just thought they were for fire bombing some traitors home, as that is the damnedest thing in people always seem to get the point in things mattering when some arsonist radical like Che burns down your house, and then come back and does it again when you rebuild. Sure makes insurance companies be uncooperative and sort of takes the pleasure out of accepting bribes to sell out your country.

Any way, I remember John Wayne setting Richard Boone on fire by throwing a barn lantern at him, but that was white guys going at it, and not like Obama voters in Missouri.

Ferguson Protesters Using Molotov Cocktails -

Police say protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, began hurling Molotov cocktails at them Sunday night, forcing them to respond with tear gas and rubber bullets.

I do not know if the Afroid in Missouri in Black Lives Matter, registered their Molotov cocktails with the BATFE, as there apparently is a regulation on that. Then again, liberals get all kinds of cheats on laws for some reasons, but really what would a person on the right do with a Molotov cocktail as they just seem to bleed out in the snow in Oregon or have elections stolen from them.