Monday, April 11, 2016

Obama Regime Unleashes BLM Now On American Oil Companies

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As an alert in this, the Obama regime is shutting down America oil production for Big Saud.

If you think that the murder of LaVoy Finicum was the last act of the BLM, the BLM has unleashed with two hearings in New Mexico and North Dakota to require them to stop "flaring" or burning off natural gas etc.... from oil wells due to global warming.

That is the cover in this, as the real issue as crude prices have plunged in this global oil war, is that what BLM is really after is 22 million dollars in royalties from these captured gas condenser holding tanks which might not work in North Dakota's 40 below weather, and the selling of 62 million dollars in new monitoring equipment to the suppliers to find those "missing gases".
The net result of the above is that you will be paying that 62 million dollars a year in higher gas prices.....gas which is no different than cow farts and is natural, as that is what natural gas is.

Just thought in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter which is being kept from all of you...........because what this will do is further stress American oil companies, cause them to cap wells, and sell them to Saudi Muslim oil as has been the plan all along.

Gee I have not read a thing about this on any other media which I was accused of reading by the E LINT......and for those who need an explanation of E LINT. E LINT is the same as bed fuzz, naval lint and that dust which is shed from the garments of life, that has no purpose except taking up space and breeding disease in the home.

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