Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why you will die soon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I first choose to thank those who have donated, and that includes the new donors great and small. It is recorded in Heaven, and may it cover a multitude of sins. I am not going to name people as most do not want their names here out of fear and my other reason is to not enhance your signature with the genocide protocols which will come.

Something does require addressing though, because all of you are under an illusion of how wonderful you are, when what you are, are rats in a maze.

Why do you think the Lame Cherry is allowed to publish information as it does exposing things you never dreamed of, cared or knew? I have by God's Grace changed the time line, and caused a trillion dollars in damage, plus made fools out of all the always experts.

The reason is amusement, short amusement of the lords and priests, and that you are rats in a maze. You are being observed and graphed by the AI's, and the response is exactly what the cartel hoped.

Do you realize that Sam Adams and some riff raff started an American revolution with 3% of the population over one tax? What has been the response of the 21st century 3%?
That is not to challenge you, but to make you aware of what the cartel sees, and knows it has won. They finish off Donald Trump, and the American Genocide will be complete.

Do you realize the Germans, the mass raped, mass mongrelized, mass neutered, mass brainwashed Germans, actually have stood up and been more American, than what Americans have in protests? That is the reality, so do not expect the cartel to give you any more notice than any other 4 footed stock in the pen.

The cartel knows it can kill you, genocide you, and it will. It is going to Muslim and Jesuit rape cock you out of existence, and with the police state Finicum the few who are not silent runners, and in the end use robotics to exterminate the invaders of Obama, to settle the issue of the mortals for the immortals.
You have helped exterminate yourself in cropping yourselves from your poison deathstyles to your aborticide. You simply are dust in the wind and have been indoctrinated that you are a free people.

The worst wretches in this are the disgusting Ted Cruz boogers. They follow a conman and someone who will destroy freedom, as he has told people in Reverse Speech, and yet all you hear is a Tavistock chant of "Ted Cruz is principled" when Ted Cruz is a foreigner, cheating, lying, election thief, who blasphemes God.
Do not be concerned though, this Tavistock Stanford, e washing of the wetware has produced results beyond what the cartel expected........because these Constitutional Christians Conservatives, are a block which were thought impenetrable, and with one jolt, and one Ted, the cartel has this mob following on the right as Obama was followed on the left. It is the stuff of anti Christ which will appear. When the rat experiment in America is successful with base groups, then it will be child's play in Europe and the world.

So I am here to tell you, there is not going to be any revolution. There is not going to be any stand. There is only going to be the cartel's projection which ends in you dead. I know you are going to reject that, but I know you, because I do this blog. I know what Tavistock knows in the rats you are. The majority of you have one love, and that is your lives. Meaning you will protect your big screen TV and whatever over love of America or your family.
See if you will not donate here, Tavistock knows you will not do a thing to resist them. If I threaten you with hell fire, it barely gets a response. Your very souls mean nothing to you, so do not think that things like liberty, freedom and justice means anything to you really.

I have honestly been pondering this all over the past months in knowing what you are, in order to save the things I hold dear, which are the things of Joan of Arc. I do know how to do this and I could do this, but I will not, for the factors are that most of you expect me to always put my head in the pulse beam so you can pretend you are Patriots. I know the probabilities, the factors, the random chance in projections. The base structure of the mathematics though equates that in order to save you, it would require an initial cost of 30 million through attrition, and then perhaps another 50 million, with the base structure remaining in bunker power.
The net factor would be the conversion to an American species, which may or may not win this in decades, and that is without the factors of Wormwood, an anti Christ or invasion. Factoring in that God already has a flawless plan which will yield a factor of plus .8 to the 10th power, it does not seem logical for the Lame Cherry to embark upon a salvation of humanity to a greater factor than what is projected, when .......Ok I have to stop this explanation as you have not donated enough for me to have a life, as Mom needs me now so deal with I need to open another program open and can not have everything freeze again.