Thursday, April 7, 2016

I was a little boy once who asked for more.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You could probably find in the archives the understanding I have gained through reality about something I did not comprehend, in I never was in this, nor is anyone to save anyone. That is Christ's Office, and the most I could do is tell people what was going to destroy them, have them pretend they were in agreement, and then steal from me and spit at me as they left me for dead, literally.

I write this in response to a Dickens character.

Please tell us what we can do when even our children and spouses refuse to listen or even allow us to talk about what is really going on? Now, I know how my very religious mother felt. At least, I've had some responses and a lot of up votes on other blogs when I've begged for everyone to read your blog and to believe you. I'm happy to see when others mention you. What else can we do to help you get Donald Trump in the White House? I wish I had a fortune I could donate to you. We're now experiencing a change in income.

Love and God's Blessings,

 Like all of you, I have genuine good intentions and dreams. I look to build a life on those American ideals of a peaceful life, responsible liberty and the pursuit if things that profit and grow me to bring me happiness. I see more and more though that Christ is right as He always is, in all we can do is save ourselves in Him and every day do something good to place those treasures in Heaven for our eternal life.

I am not giving up, and I will by God's Grace attempt to as I am now engaged in, trying to enhance your abilities.........sort of like this internet is a designed device to enhance your thought abilities, which mic heads, media and Facebook are hijacking to your doom.

What you can do is pray to God. I know that sounds like nothing, but asking for God's Mercy for His children will help. You have to understand this in you are in a Court of God now, and the evidence is being accumulated, not for acquittal, but for how harsh the sentence is going to fall.
Think of this in terms of would it be better to be hit by Muhammad Ali, a nuclear bomb or your Mum?  Obviously Mum swatting you is the choice, and that would be Donald Trump, and what follows in anti Christian Cruz or anti Messiah Clinton is to be the choice of having your skull caved in or your incineration.

I am not stating Ted Cruz is any anti Christ no more than Obama is. What Ted Cruz is, is the same choice before God on the right as Obama was the condemnation of those on the left. While we focus on America, God is focused on balancing the scales in American sin.
There comes a time in Nineveh, Jerusalem or America, where the iniquity is complete, and God's cup of wrath will overflow. It is the most merciful thing as we have been so mind raped now, that we are existing in Mad Max, a movie which was absolutely freakish and no one even blinks at what we see any more.

I will not interfere with God's Judgment on America or the world as it would only make the situation worse, as no one would survive. I have Faith that a remnant will survive, and that is why I do not want any of the Faithful on this blog doing something to make themselves a target, as your DNA needs to be passed along, along with your guidance from God.

I am still looking at something to enhance you and will post about this if God Wills. It takes time which I do not have any of now as I will be busy being drained of too much tomorrow. Just keep the Faith, know for certain that the Watchers are recording every last bit of this and every last person is going to answer for what is being done against God's America, no matter if they have talent on loan from whatever they have allied themselves to.

Personal note to Oliver: Do you know what they will surmise from that title about who I am and not understanding where it comes from.

Nuff Said