Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wisconsin Vote Fraud

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I guess that DC MADMAN, Ted Cruz had on his whore dial a prostitute who relished balding men to rub butter on their bald spot to rub that on their nipples as the enticement to get Scott Walker to flip for Ted Cruz, but as we have all been lied to Wisconsin polling and this organized GOPliter smear campaign of Donald Trump, some realities of Wisconsin vote fraud need to be exposed.....for Ted Cruz was up by double digits to sway voters, and if you notice a Drudge Poll was now showing Cruz up by 4%, you now have the margins of exactly what Wisconsin was in Donald Trump was 11% over Ted Cruz, and in vote fraud of 15% vote flip, Cruz is attempting to steal this election from Mr. Trump, just like in Kansas, Maine.........all the places Cruz supposedly won.

Voting Machines Flipping Votes For Republican Candidate In ...

Voting Machines Flipping Votes For Republican Candidate In ... can be found next to the screen on voting machines. ... Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin.

A whore that likes butter on bald heads, buys you allot of crime in Wisconsin if you are the Ted Cruz whore dial.

Wisconsin runs 95% Dominion out of Canada in Obama voters fraud and ES & S which is the crooks out of Omaha in the GOPliters. It is all e vote fraud rigged to flip it at the machine counter, not the voting.

A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Governmental Accountability Board says 90 percent of ballots cast in Wisconsin are cast using a type of optical scanning equipment. Another 5 percent are paper only; the remaining 5 percent of ballots are cast using direct recording equipment or the touchscreen machines.

 If you noticed in this, the rumor has it, that Scott Walker of Big Koch lost his recall, and should not even be Governor, but should be after handing Wisconsin energy over to Big Koch, should be in jail, but that is not how any of this GOPliter voting works.

The fact is that Donald Trump has been ahead in Wisconsin thee entire time. The public has been manipulated and Mr. Trump's numbers have not moved down, even with these attacks. The Drudge headlines though are the troubling part in the fix is in, and that is why I am posting on this, in the hope that the crooks might be made a bit more nervous as butter headed johns and butter covered whores are a slippery lot.

PRIEBUS: 'The party is choosing nominee'...

One more thing my children and I REPEAT FOR YOU E LINT TO GET OFF THE LAME CHERRY as I have no time for MOGs as your stealing my information is criminal and you have enough to answer for in being for that crook Ted Cruz.........

Now my children, do not be disheartened in any of this as President Donald Trump is aware of all of this, and I will leave it at that as it is better if the trolls think Booger Cruz is getting away with stealing votes.

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