Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Proof of Ted Cruz Vote Fraud in Wisconsin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry revealed earlier today the e vote situation in Wisconsin in it being controlled by Obama and Bush interests. What is most interesting in the Ted Cruz vote is that Big Koch  and the Scott Walker machine did something which is new, in the 15% vote flip which this blog has written of, was completely discarded, in showing that either Donald Trump's name was switched or there was such wholesale vote fraud, that the powers that be, wanted everyone to witness Ted Cruz vote fraud.

I did a screen grab, actually multiple grabs of the Cruz voting when he was declared victor by 100,000 votes, with some precincts not yet reporting. I suggest that you click on it, and view this closely, as I have placed the Donald Trump county wins in _________ and the Cruz thefts in __________.

If you simply look at the red lines, they are all over in the Trump column, meaning Donald Trump won all of Wisconsin,  except for a very few choice counties where Cruz was supposedly winning the population centers by 4,000 to 40,000 votes.

Any eye can see the numerous red lines in the Trump column, and the barely noticeable lines in the Cruz column as he won nothing in Wisconsin.

For the Cruz boogers and the rest of you, especially the Conservative Treehouse MOGS left to smear this blog and other bloggers, as Cruz stooges pretending to be Trump supporters in the comments, let us visit reality, in do you think the supposed Ted Cruz, Mr. Tea Party, Mr. Crazy Right Wing, is going to go into liberal Wisconsin, in cities so left wing, they make San Francisco, Minneapolis and Chicago look like Reagan Country, are going to drop tens of thousands of votes for Ted Cruz?

Be serious in this, because the reality is, if anyone was going to challenge Mr. Trump in liberal urban areas, it would be John Kasich, Mr. Soros' donor buddy, and not the DC MADMAN, Ted Cruz.

Those are the facts in this, and the proof that Ted Cruz stole Wisconsin, just like all of these elections, including Kasich's Ohio theft, were all conducted in high population centers of mass voting in block. There is not even any semblance now of hiding this. It is so blatant, that the public is supposed to be seeing this and infuriated. Once again though, it is only the Lame Cherry reporting on this and exposing any of this as the only voice now posting every exclusive while few are following up.

There is no doubt that Ted Cruz stole Wisconsin from Donald Trump. The reality is Donald  Trump won most counties, and by quite large margins. Those margins would have been increased in liberal areas as Mr. Trump won Michigan high population centers.

Ted Cruz should have won the Tea Party areas of rural or right wing areas, but Donald Trump won them, and Donald Trump won the high population areas, by most probably the crushing margins that Ted Cruz has his name on.

Again, I am telling the MOGs to get the hell off this site. To the Americans who are wealthy, if you care about what is left of this nation, then figure out that the criminals behind this leave Andrew Breitbart dead on the street and Edward Snowden on a hit list for revealing subjects like this. No one else is doing this as the reality is the entire media and blogosphere is bought off or fraud distractions. I would that it was the other way, but no one else has put their life and liberty on the line in posting the facts.
So if it matters to you, and you are rich sending your kid on some 10,000 dollar plane trip to brag about or dropping 50,000 on some vacation, how about doing something for America once and making a donation like that here?
You make a hell of a lot of excuses about not donating as you claim to be a Patriot. I know the traffic is spiking globally on these posts and I know the money is there, in you are not all eating soda crackers for dinner.

I hate this pleading and begging, but Nom de Deus, I swear you rich people could run over a child and if the kid asked for a drink of water, would rummage around in their pockets to find the money to buy the drink.

It all comes down to the proof that Ted Cruz stole Wisconsin, like he has all these other elections. Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.