Thursday, May 5, 2016

12.7 x 44r

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I have a secret.

It is not much of a secret as numerous other people know this, so it is not much of a secret. It is about the 12.7 x 44r.

I know that does not make sense and people are already turning off as they do not like to think, but the 12.7 x 44r is why Muslims are raping women in Sweden and Norway.

See long ago there was an American named Frederick Remington who was a genius at firearm design during the Civil War, and while you remember the Sharpes Rifles of the buffalo plains, the Remington Rolling Block was also the rival of Christian Sharpes.

The Rolling Block was an ingenious design. It was simple. It was strong and the Remington Creedmore would win the infamous Wimbledon, the real Wimbledon, not that fag tennis match, but the long range rifle shooting match.

Like all good wars though, the Civil War ended too soon, as Remington had tooled up to build these beautiful rifles under contract, and the US Government cancelled the contract after Remington had already spent the money to bankruptcy.

Not to be destroyed, Remington took his rifles overseas, and numbers of Europeans and South Americans purchased this model from Argentina, Spain and the crown Scandinavians of Norway and Sweden.

That is where the 12.7 x 44 appears, as the Swedish Crown had all these old muzzle-loading rifles and found that by putting the muzzleloading barrels into the Remington Rollingblock, they had a new modern rifle.

There were 40,000 of these turned over the Home Guard or the Norwegian and Swedish Militia. Yes Europeans were once like the Swiss and Americans, in they armed their people and taught them how to make war.

The 12.7 x 44 was the European version of the American 50.70 military cartridge. To decipher that the title might be 50 - 70 - 420 which would mean a 50 caliber ball, with 70 grains of black powder, which fired a 420 grain bullet.
You will recognize two names in Col. Buffalo Bill Cody and General George Armstrong Custer in firing the 50 70. General Custer did all of his hunting with this cartridge and wrote a long letter to Remington commending them on their rifle. It is still one of my regrets that the General did not survive to pen several hunting books on rifles, for us to learn from in the modern era.

Let us just say at this point, that I found a 12.7 x 44 in the junk, and the wonderful part of all of this which most of you do not know is all firearms older than 1899 are antique, so they do not require any Federal Firearms background checks or records by BATFE. To the federals this gun is no more than a broomstick and I like that part very much.

The reason the 12.7 x 44 is appearing in other nations in Europe and America from Sweden is the leftwing regime there went gun control nuts. Volumes of those firearms were too complicated to own in the regulations or the Swedes outlawed using them against hunting. More moose have been killed by the 12.7 x 44 in Sweden than any other cartridge, and yet it was deemed not big enough, when that same cartridge as the 50 70 in Buffalo Bill's hands set records in the number of bison killed.

This is a very good cartridge, which uses black powder and not nitro powder or smokeless powder due to it being an old firearm. Smokeless powder is clean burning, but it burns so fast and at such high pressures, that it will explode an old firearm. Loaded with black powder though or a substitute these old Rolling Blocks will be firing 200 years from now with just has much vigor.

The costly part is the ammo which is like 85 dollars for 20 shells. The solution is to purchase a 100 dollar set of reloading dies, a bullet mould for casting lead bullets, some primers and a press to put the cartridges together and then the ammo is cheap, save the brass casings.
The reality is though these brass casings last forever in low pressure loads in blackpowder. The old buffalo hunters would reload them hundreds of times, and that is what is going to be the solution once funds are enough to take this 300 dollar step.

The 12.7 x 44 though is European fascinating, as the factories which built the original barrels were off in various margins of error in some are not bored long enough for some cartridges and sometimes the rifling is a bit tighter or more loose. That is part of the adventure in this cartridge as you begin to learn your rifle in what she likes and does not like.

In researching the background in this article, it is wonderful to read of how intelligent people are on both sides of the Atlantic in they are shooting and reloading this cartridge. Some are having difficult times in the guns are not accurate and others who have figured out their rifles are shooting deer out to 200 yards in getting very good accuracy.

The secret to the 12.7 x 44 is that she prefers slow burning blackpowder loads. She loves bullets that are heavy in the 400 grain range, and if you feed her in that manner, she will respond to putting Sarah Palin moose on the table every shot.

The old Finn Aagard formula of moderate load, moderate ranges always ends up in good accuracy and things being dead.
I am a great fan of Elmer Keith also in he was always an advocate of big bullets, as they always were dependable compared  to the high velocity small rounds like the modern 223 Remington or 5.56 NATO.

So that is where the adventure begins: a rather misunderstood child of Sweden, who is becoming more scarce all the time. I spoke with a gentleman who said a few years ago, people from Sweden were being forced to dump these firearms to buyers over there and they would arrive in America by the few hundred every year, but now that number is dwindling to under 100 a year.
Sweden is disarmed and now has armed Muslim rape cock and the women have nothing to defend themselves as Andres Breivik is in the gulag.

This rifle in the junk pile is something which allows me to touch my greatest of heroes for yore in Billy Dixon and George Armstrong Custer in both were 50 men. For my price, this is where the adventure begins as I can not afford the fortune for a new rifle. I can though wonder about a rifle from 1869. George Custer would not be dead for another 7 years. The Swedish Militia was drilling with this gun. This gun no doubt has killed numbers of moose and red deer in Sweden. It had a wonderful history, in it no doubt was part of the Swedish defense in World War II against Germany and Russia. The family which had this gun kept it for almost 150 years, until the leftist regime took their heirloom and confiscated it so Muslims could rape their women in mass.

It now has come home on the range, and will grace my wall, where I will examine it minutely, find the stories in it, and make up stories about, and create stories in taking it along on adventures.

The propaganda always focuses on the non existent assault rifles, but these old rifles did the job in killing millions of Soldiers and killing even more food for the tables in Europe and America. I though with this 12.7 x 44r will be able to commune with this rifle more as I will know him, inside and out, and the adventures will be in crafting reloads on cool nights as I think of blowing holes in coyotes and other vermin.

There will probably be other stories concerning this firearm as people are interested in these various guns, and for those who stick around they will learn things in how all of this interconnects. Remove the guns and the Muslim rape cock replaces them. That loading has never changed and never will change.

I wonder if the French Sabot would work.

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