Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Ted Cruz Fled The GOP Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not my intention to belabor the subject of Ted Cruz, as everyone has had enough of him, from those who dislike him, to those were assaulted by him, to his supporters, whom he betrayed. There is though a reality in Lyin' Ted, was lying on his way out, and the Rush Limbaugh eulogy which Limbaugh spoon fed his audience about Ted Cruz getting out of the race was another 99% Limbaugh fiction.

So I was moved to inquire to fill in the blanks and this is what the matrix was revealing.

You have noticed in this that Ted Cruz, betrayed all the people he was funneling money to in Cruz blindsided Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh in not alerting them. If Cruz had any semblance of humanity in him, he would have had Amanda Carpenter make the calls to the few on top, so they would not go into meltdown like Mark Levin did.
For the record, this is what Ted Cruz was always about in giving Conservatism a loser and a bad name like Limbaugh gives the cause, and having Mark Levin froth at the mouth, simply was Cruz carrying out the agenda again, in manipulated Mark Levin up to the last in following script.

Each of you remember the confrontation which Cruz set up in Marion Indiana in trying to ambush the Trump Supporter which Rush Limbaugh smeared as Brain Dead, even though this American mopped the street with Cruz.

It was sometime after this event that the Truth of Ted Cruz getting out of the race began, because it was not some decision on his part which was thoughtful, because it if was thoughtful Rush Limbaugh would have gotten the call.......instead this was Ted Cruz saving himself as always.

A phone call was made to Ted Cruz sometime after  the confrontation. This phone call was from one of Cruz's billionaires. The billionaire had been contacted by the cartel, who had been advised by the Control, that the disruption of continuity in the American elections would cease.

There does not have to be any threats involved in the upper echelons as there are only understandings of what people are capable of in agreements made. The cartel contacted the billionaire who was assured that they would be discovering all sorts of legal problems and complete ruin, with imprisonment if Ted Cruz was not informed to cease his guerilla warfare which was about to set off a civil war in America.

The contact was about several Ted Cruz financial issues from his David Panton scamming in the West Indies for economic rapine, and the latest in Ted Cruz funneling billionaire Super Pac donations to a certain one man venue in Texas of around 8.3 million dollars, who like ACORN with Obama was cleverly laundering those funds to certain Glenn Beck propagandists for Ted Cruz to make up for financial shortfalls and to keep Limbaugh and Levin creating fantasies of Ted Cruz walking on water.

Mr Cruz was made to understand that his world was going to be orange jumpsuits and Vaseline as he became a black inmates girlfriend for life plus twenty years.

Mr. Cruz was made to understand that all backing, all CIA cover, all funding, and all assistance had ceased, and what followed would be indictments for his numerous crimes.

That is what set off the series of events of the Cruz meltdown and an exit where no one in the campaign was notified, nor any of the Limbaugh mouth whores, as it all happened so quickly. It is why Heidi Cruz was pictured so disgusted in she was going to be waking up with Ted Cruz until her divorce, after 'the deal' had been worked out, that Ted Cruz would have the nomination stolen for him, exactly as Obama did from Mrs. Clinton.

I had no intention of ever mentioning Ted Cruz again, but the inquiry from the matrix required posting, and I am not about to leave dangling Ted around trying to pick up Cleveland pieces, or trying to join the sabotage of Trump 2016, as Ted Cruz fully hopes like Mario Cuomo did of Bill Clinton, that it will be Ted Cruz 2020.

Ted Cruz is going to stay gone, because his crimes are still out there, known, and for this chorus of Limbaugh saboteurs against Donald Trump, they honestly need like National Review and the Weekly Standard to find themselves in court for their interesting funding and contacts, in how all of this money laundering brings you all this brainwashing.

This appears to be the "Nuff Said" part of the post as none of this interests me, other than having you aware that the Cruz Limbaugh version does not match, and the reason why Ted fled for his life, betraying his staff and all of his supporter, as he ran, leaving them looking like fools.

Nuff Said.