Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Lame Cherry Suggestion

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It really frustrates me when it comes to high speed internet, as we only have limited usage, and that burns up in about a week.

The problem are the auto load sites like Drudge, and this endless parade of mpegs and ads, like on Right Wing News, which now even out distances World Net Daily for being the worst site on the net. It is worse than Ulsterman's was a few years ago, before I quit that page, as it took like 15 minutes to load the page.

TL in comments ran across a program called YES SCRIPT for Firefox, which stops the Drudge Report and other sites from reloading. I tried it and I really like it.

It is a very small download, runs stealth in Firefox and it stops my megs being burned up on tampon ads.

I can not comment on sites with this program running, but big whoop on that, as I am banned on most sites, and it is a simple matter of turning it off or on.

There is a little scroll on the top right hand corner of Firefox when you have this running, and it is white on sites which are java enabled, and black on sites where you disable the site.

TL tried it on Facebook, and said it works great, in it stops ads from loading and when TL wants to refresh the page, TL just clicks reload.

I run this on Lucianne, Right Wing, Drudge and I forget what else, but it is so infuriating to go on some of these sites and it is non stop ads loading and all you want to do is scan a story for a minute, and it takes 3 to load the page.

So anyway, it works, you can manual load it by opening Tools and Ad Ons, and then load the web address or just click the scroll when you got onto a site like Drudge. It honestly is pleasant to just load Drudge and leave it sit in the background, for me to check stories I missed, and then reload it later for stories.

Is something to try if you have Firefox running.

Oh yeah the other is Zero Hedge.........that site is like so much java running that my laptop goes into rigor mortis. 

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