Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Vice President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could just put the name here, but people who don't donate like to meander about the house, try on the panties, sniff the coffee tin, use the tooth brush, as just stealing things from people has little thrill if you are in and out. So I need to help the cursed linger here a little longer to be fulfilled like they got something out of least for the bed fuzz and the mentards to have something to bitch about in how to spell Jesus' manly Name.

Brief explanation though.........

I was just inquiring a bit after midnight on Wednesday to see who Hillary Clinton's Vice President would be, as logic would conclude little Fidel of Texas in that taco, but he came up a big negatory. Actually started out with Bernie Sanders and he was a NO too as of Tuesday night in the matrix.

I wondered about Hillary's sister in law too, Babs Boxer, but it all came down to the sludge movement in the matrix and has been holding there, that Hillary Hamrod has the hots for Pocahontas Warren.......aka Senator Elizabeth Warren for her Vice President.

Everyone wants this librarian marm apparently, from Joe Biden to well Joe Biden, but she is the cat's meat when it comes to who liberals want to warm their seat after they go tits up.

I am not going to handicap this for now, and will let the matrix gel so Hillary Hamrod and Elizabeth Warren are the do realize she is the thing to keep Hillary viable from the 'powers that be".

Any way that is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......the historical, revolutionary, visionary political ticket, two females, one a lesbian with her very own Huma Muslim and Pocahontas Warren for the big Fem Pow Wow. At least that is what the matrix is trending toward now. For Hillary Clinton this is the best she can do, as she can not put old Bernie Sanders on the ticket as he might die before November.....well before Hillary and then the democrats would have no one on the ticket before Labor Day in she is one failing old woman.

Ok that should be enough to scoff at the matrix over........and no matter what CBS Bob Schieffer wants in Bernie Sanders running 3rd party it ain't going to happen, to try and bleed off all those voters from Donald Trump who will never vote for Mrs. Clinton.
Mr. Sanders can make a better deal with Donald Trump for his voters, as the fact is most of what Bernie Sanders is advocating is just a form of Pat Buchanan Conservative protecting workers, and Mr. Trump has been on board with that and that is why Unions are backing him, as this is about jobs, and not protecting Obama invaders for Hamrod votes.

Hillary and Poco 2016, that is what the matrix is trending, and it seems logical again. Girl on Girl.