Monday, May 16, 2016

A Newt Chance In Hell

Jarrett, Gingrich, Sharpton, Obama...WTF?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK NewsMax which is Christopher Ruddy in the tank for Hillary Clinton, has been pushing a story like all liberal media that Newt Gingrich is going to be the Vice President for Donald Trump.

Here are the facts:

1. Newt is too old at 73.
2. Newt is too toxic in being hated by the Democrats Mr. Trump needs to vote.
3. Newt is too toxic in gone off the Limbaugh reservation for the past few years.
4. Newt is too NAFTA Newt for the Trump ticket.

This is the GOPliters floating this one to get traction as Hillary wants Newt on the ticket to weaken Donald Trump. So this ain't gonna happen.

I have informed everyone what Mr. Trump should pick. I have no influence on this though, but to counter hold hose bag Hillary, Mr. Trump needs a woman, an attractive woman, an accomplished woman, a Congressional woman, and a woman to neutralize the Tump baggage on calling fat old pig slob lesbian Rosie O'Donnell a disgusting piece of primateness.

That means Congresswoman Jamie Beutler, a young, attractive, accomplished, mother, or her superior in Cathy Rodgers, another woman who would be better as the next Speaker when we primary Paul Ryan.

Jeff Sessions brings Conservative most, but is old, a weak speaker, but is good for the South. That is the long and short list, as only one male belongs on this ticket, and that is Donald John Trump.

So unless Newt declares he as been Nelly Gingrich all her life, trying to get ahead in a man's world like Calamity Jane, Newt does not belong on the ticket.......and he is not even on the short list, nor the list for positions in the Trump Administration.

Yes the Lame Cherry is attempting to influence the President Elect Trump decision, as I did pick a winner in Sarah Palin as much as Dick Cheney. Whoever Mr. Trump has picked, and I do conclude that as Mr. Trump has been running for President for over two years, that with his connections he probably already has his Vice President already picked, I will support Donald Trump for President, as the one thing Donald Trump has proven is, he can pick people to do the job.
That is something Mark Twain wrote of in Joan of Arc. Her best ability was taking the people she had and putting them into positions which they could excell at.

The Clinton ticket is old, fat and ugly.........Donald Trump does not need old, fat and Newt to balance that, but young, trim and pretty.

If I have time, I am going to handicap what Hillary Clinton is going to drag in to put up with her.....with Hamrod the choice is not someone who will let her die in coughing fit to be President.

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