Friday, May 20, 2016

A Tale of Two Women

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We were in Subway today, and I was so pleased for a single Mum there, in government assisted housing, in she was just named Assistant Manager, with benefits. This is what America is about, and not Obama lifetime loans to pay off, and her finding a house to rent for 600 bucks a month for her and her daughter to get out of public housing, to regain her sense of worth.

As we were in line, a soylent blonde came in, sort of was in line, too far out, and we were waited on and paid, and were talking to the the Manager, while the other clerk was working on a phone in order salad.

The soylent blonde wandered off and started talking to some other soylent blondes, and the clerk said she would be right with her, as she was getting the salad together.

Now at Subway, the people at the till rarely mix stations, and that is when we heard, "FUCK THIS I AM GOING TO THE OTHER SUBWAY".

And out she stormed, and everyone was stunned. This was like 3 minutes maximum, and I stand in line a great deal longer than that in every store.

The other Subway is 25 minutes away, in another town, and soylent blonde will stand in that store probably three times longer, as I have been at that location, and it is always slow.

Perhaps it is PMS or just a bitch, but it bothers me as working people, do indeed have a crappy job. The people at Subway, bake bread, wash dishes, do the things you normally see them doing, haul out trash, and then have bookwork this gal opens every day, and juggles all of this.
I always say please and thank you to the people there, and by amazing coincidence, we are their favorite customers, as I always talk to them and joke with them to make them smile.

That is what is wrong with America, and now we have more rude Obama invaders appearing to join them. I sincerely hope that woman runs off the road and dies as that kind of attitude makes it worse for all of us, as people working crap jobs, about to be replaced by robots are just not in the best of moods in the first place.

Oh well, I think it bothered me, more than the people at Subway, because it really solved nothing, as all the stores are owned by the same family, so it was not hurting their situation in the least.

Any way, that is the ordeal of today. I am beginning to believe that they all really should die.

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