Friday, May 20, 2016

The Obama Apology For Nuclear Hiroshima

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The leftist inspired guilt for the Truman bombing of Imperial Japan with two nuclear bombs, one of which had German nuclear material in it, and the first perfected with German triggers, is one by design and preys upon the ignorance of vacuous Americans.

The hidden history of all of this is Imperial Japan actually detonated a nuclear bomb inside Japan shortly after Hiroshima, and had constructed enough of these devices, along with German U 2 rockets to provide a holocaust for the American invasion of Japan.

The first Japanese nuclear bomb was called Genzai Bakudan It was a success.

Twelve V-2 rockets had been imported by U-boat before the collapse of Nazi Germany. The correct beach in Kyushu had been identified for the intended Allied invasion in 1946. It seems conceivable that underground lunch silos would have been prepared to fire these V-2 rockets at the Allied beach head and the fleet offshore. Had these been nuclear tipped an invasion of Japan could have been carnage. 

 The Japanese Government is under a complete information black out. None of the reality of the Japanese atomic program is admitted to. The fact is Japan constructed the Burma railroad, imported an immense quantity of Uranium from Germany, and was manufacturing it's own stores.
Japan had developed it's own refinement capabilities, which even surpassed German and American efforts. It is of interest in the 1930's that Japan had actually purchased a device from America for their atomic program.

What is of interest in this, is Japan was working on the German patent for mini nukes, and that they had begun research into using Thorium, the same material Bill Gates is gearing up to use for clean nuclear energy and for which LaVoy Finicum was murdered over by the American police state, as Oregon and Korea both are Thorium sources.

So in typical treacherous Obama construct, who else would go to Japan, pander to Japanese and global leftists, in visiting Hiroshima, and enticing all with an Obama apology, to World War II, nuclear Japan, which had successfully tested their own nuclear bomb, and were preparing to vaporize the US 5th Fleet and almost 1 million Soldiers deployed to invade Japan.

The Ulithi Atoll was the "high priority" of the Japanese military, because this is where the entire American fleet had been massed, with stores for that coming invasion. There are hints that the mini nukes which Japan had developed were about to be fitted to the I 400 long distance submarines with float planes, which were intended for a strike on the Panama Canal. This battle group was recalled, and this group is thought to have been readied for a nuclear attack on the American fleet in anchorage.

These are just a few realities to ponder as one thinks about this image Obama and the continued degradation of America from Obama Clinton Kerry's nuclear arming of Iran, North Korea, and now searching for ways to blame America for Hiroshima, when the fact is, if not for German advancements granted to Americans by the Nazi's to match the Japanese program, the American fleet was 14 days from probably annihilation on the Ulithi Atoll, and if not Ulithi, it would have been the landing zone of Kyushu, with the entire fleet and invasion force incinerated, followed by  the subsequent incineration of the entire American West coast, followed by the scorched earth of New York City, until American surrendered.

That is how close the world came to being ruled by nuclear genocide of the West and for that Obama wants to apologize to Japan.