Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a Witness against

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

There are many of you who feel as though you are kicking against the goads, in asking in your heart what does it matter how hard you try, no matter what you do or say, because the ignorant masses just do not comprehend the Truths you shout from the rooftops (symbolically speaking, because even talking sincerely about some things in private conversations feels like a confession of insanity). Many of you are discouraged from all the marginalization and belittling, even when you are proven right by God's Grace again and again. You lose friends for your beliefs. You lose friends for trying to show them the Truth which they reject. You lose the respect of people who seem to have it all in your circle of acquaintance, and you feel like a pariah who is looked upon as "that crazy ______" by everyone else.

This is normal. This is okay that you feel this way. This is a lie the devil whispers in your ear to stop you from speaking the Truth. And even though you do not see immediate results, or even semi-short term results, what you are doing is more important than you know.

Contrary to what prominent leaders in the "Christian" community like Obama endorser Rick Warren would have you believe, not all of God's Chosen are Called to spread the Good News to the four corners of the earth. Noah had a specific Calling to build an ark for the people and animals God had Chosen to Save from the Flood. Moses had a specific Calling to be God's Instrument in leading the freed Israelite slaves out of Egypt and through the desert. Isaiah had a specific Calling to Prophesy of the Christ as well as the coming End Times of the Wrath of the Lord, against the houses of Israel and Judah and for the Remnant. Jesus had a specific Calling to Live as a man for 30 years and Become the Sacrifice for the sins of everyone in history.

Every Child of God has a specific part in God's Plan, even when it seems insignificant compared to those who have come before us. I believe God has Placed each of us here as Witnesses as prophesied in Isaiah 43-44, not solely to tell others of the Transforming Power of Christ in our lives, but also against those who wrap themselves in their good works and intentions in a false form of godliness (1 Timothy 3:5). God is Just. He will not Condemn anyone without the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses, the importance of which was made explicitly clear in Old Testament Law and which was mentioned by Jesus and also by Paul, multiple times. God could of course be the sole Witness against the wicked just as His Three Persons Witnessed everything at the Creation. However, I do believe this is part of our Calling, just as the Queen of the South will rise to condemn the generation that murdered Jesus (Matt 12:42, Luke 11:31).

For those skeptics out there who are still trapped in the mindset of missionary > stateside Christian, Christ even specifies what to do when people don't receive the Truth of what you say: shake off the dust of your feet as a Witness against them (Matthew 10:14-15, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5). (Conversely, if you believe Jesus meant to give that direction solely to the 12 Apostles, then why isn't the exhortation to preach the Gospel to every creature only meant for the 12 Apostles? Just food for thought.)

What this means: You have a Purpose that doesn't involve carting yourself off to Africa/Middle East, where the Gospel has been Preached for hundreds of years to countless millions who a)hide their lights under a bushel out of laziness in direct contradiction of Christ's Command, or are b)too scared to share the Gospel with their neighbors because of Muslim/Kony-esque dictators who would kill them, shifting responsibility to Bwana, even though whites aren't exactly a protected class (e.g. South Africa's white genocide). You can do more as a Witness-- establishing the Truth, identifying unrepentant pretenders in the midst of the Church, and agreeing to bind/loose anything on earth which will also be done in Heaven (Matthew 18:16-20).

You are important, to God and to your Siblings in Christ. You are Loved. You are more than your "bragging rights" bonafides of how many missions trips you went on, how many souls have a Billy Graham experience because of you, or the visible "successes" regarding people, personal goals, worldly lucre/fame, or anything else in your daily life. You are being Refined to shine even brighter for God's Glory during this time that tries us all. And by God's Grace, you have the Victory in Christ. No one can take that away from you.