Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Egyptian Airbus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It does require some time for the world to catch up with the Lame Cherry, as on inquiry of the matrix, stated a bomb was placed on board the Egypt AirBus 10 days previous in Germany. The bomb was in the first class passenger ceiling.

Now the proof appears, exactly as Lame Cherry posted with her life on the line again, as I have to be right every time.

 Forensic expert: EgyptAir human remains suggest explosion
CAIRO (AP) — Human remains retrieved from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 have burn marks and are very small in size, suggesting an explosion on board may have downed the aircraft in the...

I did note that immediately after the exclusive a false story was immediately generated, concerning a missile, due to the fact that the last thing those behind this desire, is to try and explain how a bomb, with Finnish explosive materials had been embedded in Germany days before, and the jet had been flying around.

The point is, the matrix by God's Grace was right again. You had the evidence of the story immediately again and the world is catching up.

I conclude there will be false leads in this to divert attention..........and as you will recall, no one has claimed responsibility for this in the terror Islam group, because this is about bringing down the Egyptian government and replacing it with another Obama Ashkenaz puppet regime.

Thank God, the Lame Cherry proven right again.

PS: The burn marks and small flesh size, reveals a break up of the jet at highspeed in the 500 mph range, and that the fuel did ignite by either the engines or the bomb.
Forensics would point to the blast charge detonated downward and not out.....meaning a huge hole did not tear in the jet immediately, but instead jet material ignited, with a cutting of command control in systems.
The cockpit was intact according to inquiry and the pilots could not gain control.