Tuesday, May 31, 2016

and what of poor Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Democrats, the same democrats who cheered at LaVoy Finicum's murder, laughed at Sara Palin's political rape, and are moved with glee to the smears against Donald Trump, as all of these Americans are the enemy.........never do consider that the same viciousness is employed on them by their heroes.

Bill Clinton attacks Kathleen Willey and Hillary Clinton hires PI's to murder her pet to intimidate this woman whose husband just died to shut her up. It is all overlooked, as much as Barack Obama politically raping Hillary Clinton, destroying John Edwards, imprisoning Rod Blagojevich, ruining Elliot Spitzer, because they were just in the way of the Obama legacy.

What comes around, goes around though, as now what was accepted in Joe Biden and his Delaware Machine trying to destroy Lawrence Sinclair for the sodomite secrets Mr. Sinclair knew of Barack Hussein Obama, and made Lawrence Sinclair, America's first political prisoner, and gained Joe Biden the Vice Presidency, is now being unleashed by the Obama regime to protect itself from Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders, by stealing from democratic voters their votes, by manipulating all of this to install Obama protector, Joe Biden into the democratic nomination.

What of poor Hillary Clinton in this menagerie? Old, worn out, sick, Hillary Clinton, the standard of aging leftist women, and Joe Biden with Barack Obama have been playing this woman sadistically like an old fool, just like they did 2008.

This is a different kind of Biden Obama misogyny. This is more than Biden snuffing up some young girls hair. It is more than Obama staring at your girls ass. This is even more than tit flipping and ass pinching. This is more than doping a woman and holding her down and raping her, and posting it all on Facebook.

No in this sadistic torture of Hillary Clinton and all the aging feminists that Obama sent in the thugs to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, has been playing her and these women for seven years, and now manipulating them to think there is a promise of a female President, but it is all a ruse in the most heinous type of abuse.
I ask you, would you make someone who was as old and sick as Hillary Clinton, put her through months of campaigning and abuse from Bernie Sanders, only to snatch it all away from this woman with an indictment, a move which will probably kill Hillary Clinton and will forever crush her aging feminists.

How could Joe Biden and image Obama put two democrats through this? If this would kill Hillary, what is it going to do to someone as frail as Bernie Sanders? Think of what Biden and image Obama have designed to so literally rape the souls of these democrats, so they will never rise again, and will follow President Joe when he snaps his fingers.

You remember Barack Obama lipstick on a pig against women in Sarah Palin and making fun of old Nancy Reagan. Will it now matter to democrats when Hillary Clinton is the pig and Bernie Sanders is the geezer being mistreated?

My purpose in this is simple, I would never vote for these democrats, but as a Christian Conservative, I demand the right for democrats to chose their own candidates, and not be manipulated. I fought against Ted Cruz when he was trying to pull with Bush fam, the same thing image Obama and Biden are now up to. Wrong is wrong and what Biden is up to for the Obama legacy in illegally manipulating the United States elections is wrong..........as wrong as their e vote stealing the 2008 and 2012 elections from McCain and Romney.
.......and for those democrat new readers to this blog, no I was not a supporter of John McCain and I never voted for Mitt Romney or Obama as I will not vote for foreigners.

.......and what of poor Hillary and poor Bernie? The stroke of this will have them both dead in 5 years. The question is do democrats want to help Joe Biden and image Obama bury their fallen, gloating over the corpses and smirking as they watch you cry.

Do you democrats want the below as the despot chosen for you?