Monday, May 23, 2016

Apparently the World Hates Hillary Clinton

Jack Ohman column

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Sacramento Bee published an interesting article, where the reporter concluded that the reason people hate Hillary Clinton is misogyny. That is incorrect and this is the Lame Cherry reply.

Dear Mr. Ohman,

I enjoyed your article as it offers a venue to explain something about Hillary Clinton, and I would remind you that the reason people hate Hillary Clinton, actually was answered by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in her own catharsis in dealing with men.

Mr. Ohman, it is not misogyny, but instead if you are old enough to remember the 1990's, of this strange reality of Mrs. Clinton, and that is the more the public saw of her, the more they disliked her. The exact opposite is true of Bill Clinton.

It is a basic formula which is obvious. Everyone likes the good natured scamp, who was good looking, and that was President Clinton. Men like that always have a wife who people stereotype as a nag, and the rumors of Mrs. Clinton throwing tantrums and lamps, fed into this prejudice. That was the majority of the public who wanted to make excuses for Mr. Clinton, because too many people are familiar with the nagging wife.
This though goes much deeper and this is where Maureen Dowd inadvertantly opened the world's eyes to why people dislike Hillary Clinton with such intensity. See, Ms. Dowd mentioned that she had a number of lovers, and some of them were married. Married men like Bill Clinton are always promising things. Women like Maureen Dowd believe the lies in hope, and when it all falls apart, it is not Bill Clinton who gets blamed, but that shrew of a wife who just would not let that dreamy Bill Clinton go to all that happiness.

If the rumors are true, Bill Clinton had a 1000 lovers, and that means 10,000 friends of these jilted women, and it all adds up because the world is full of players, and the next thing you know is you have 30 million people mad, because the husbands have to deal with what the Clintons did and the women all are filled with scorn yet as they had their own Hillary who ruined things.

So you see it is not misogyny, in hating women. People simply can not hate the manwhores, because they are so much fun, and people can not blame them for their stupid choices, so it is easier to blame that wife making every person's life hell, and Hillary Clinton just fits the stereotype from hiring men to intimidate the Kathleen Wyllie group, and now that she is in the company of the handsome Huma Wiener, the lesbians are furious over this, as Hillary Clinton has it all and these people have nothing.

People do not hate Hillary Clinton. People just get reminded of their mistakes they are suffering every day, when they look at Hillary Clinton.

As for Donald Trump, none of this is about lies. It is about the happy camper. The ex wives and ex employees of Donald  Trump are all pleased with him, because he was not like Bill Clinton in taking the stolen fruits and blaming the wife for it. Donald Trump is about relationships gone bad which we all have, and making the bad into something good.
Hillary Clinton has a history of making bad things, worse.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Sincerely, LC