Monday, May 23, 2016

Senator John Thune Reach Out To Facebook With Federal Warrants

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The absolute arrogance of Facebook lawyer, Colin Stretch is disgusting to any American, because after the Electronic Rapists had molested the children of this world, they conducted their own police investigation, and concluded that after confession, their crimes were nothing, and swatted Senator John Thune on the ass and told him to go crawl back under his buffalo chips in South Dakota.




Senator Thune now has before him a criminal reality. A reality that Matt Drudge was defrauded out of an immense sum, and that fits exactly the Truth of how the Lame Cherry was censored from net traffic by the limbo of my account, and how all of this terrorist activity against people in the right wing,  attempted to destroy the Donald Trump campaign.

I wrote to Jim DeMint challenging his reply that Facebook is a private company. Facebook is not private when it uses public venues to profit off of and to manipulate news. Facebook's programs manipulate every user and addicts them, while making them think that validation only arises in the Facebook identity.
What Facebook is engaged in, is criminal psychological rape of the most heinous sort, and these billionaire spies for the NSA, just told the United States Senate to piss off.

This needs to be a matter of the criminal justice system, as crimes have been admitted to. People have been defrauded of internet traffic, and thousands of Americans in the right wing have had their identities stolen from them, and left in terror limbo, as Facebook ignores the complaints.

Mr. Thune, send Federal Marshals to haul this entire Facebook terror group into detention, to appear before the America People for speedy trial and even swifter justice.