Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beck now setting up Cruz supporters to be Patsy Assassins.

Ted Cruz addresses voters during a town hall meeting at the Lincoln ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I certainly hope the deniers are paying attention to Glenn Beck, in now discussing assassination attempts of CRUZ VOTERS against Donald Trump, so that the Cruz supporters stop for a moment and understand the company which they are kept.

I have warned all of you that Glenn Beck is a fraud, like Shep Smith, Bill O'Reilly and whoever else Limbaugh you have attached yourselves to. They are MOG's, minders of government, paid in the Mockingbird intelligence propaganda circuit to Balkanize control of you, just like Peggy Noonan swung hard for Obama, Ann Coulter was crucifying Birthers, and Erick Erickson is going nuts attacking Donald Trump in this 3rd party.......same idea Glenn Beck was promoting at CPAC with Ann Coulter years ago.

These people are all high paid frauds. Do you really think they earn millions of dollars in ad revenues? Review the Whore of Babel, the queen of the cucks, Matt Walsh, bragging that he had 1.5 million readers on one story.
Do you really think 1.5 million people have ever read anything this Jesuit thug has ever written? The reality is, just like Facebook, this entire web machine is fraud tracking, spiking and suppression as Matt Drudge found out.
If I have  time, I am going to catalogue the adventures of Google Blogger, where there is not a day my stats match, the visitor flow, and as of late in this blog is becoming too well read, I can watch the stats on my stories jump several thousand hits, and then reset to a few hundred hits. I am not taking Google ad revenue, so there is no need to cheat me on that.......this has to do with web stat tracking, and the last thing the cartel desires is for this blog to start spiking in the search hits to the daily net flow, as then there is the problem of I would be outed as the power on the internet, instead of these frauds like Glenn Beck, taking millions in illegal Ted Cruz money laundering.

What I am trying to tell the Cruz voters is not to trust Donald Trump, but for each Cruz voter to break free and stop trusting Ted Cruz. The very promoter of Ted Cruz is now in bed with Mark Zuckerberg and has just put out a talking point that a PATRIOT, that would be the Ted Cruz voters will be responsible for an attack on Mr. Trump.

Well, let's see, you have had Matt Walsh, David Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson etc... all driving you Cruz supporters into a fury, so let's walk this back a bit to November 1963 in Dallas. Ask yourself as a Cruz voter, or if you know a Cruz voter, in just which one of you are on this Glenn Beck list to be blamed like Lee Harvey Oswald in being set up as a patsy?

This is not far fetched as David John Oates, in reverse speech has caught Reinse Priebus and Paul Ryan both talking about guns in dealing with Donald Trump. I can promise you Cruz voters, that dozens of you have been sifted through those Robert Mercer lists off of Amazon. The forensic experts have categorized which of you are off balance, which of you have left those nasty remarks online about Mr. Trump, and you are just one scopalamine drink from a pretty girl away from ending up in Cleveland with a Reinse Priebus gun in your hand, and Jack Ruby blowing you one in the guts...........and your shocked family will be stunned to find out how much Alt Right and Swastikas you had in your basement as you listened to Mark Levin.

Glenn Beck has just told the world, who the GOPliters are going to make the next Dillon Stormer.



So perhaps you Cruz Cult had better start posting online that you disavow Glenn Beck, that you have decided that Donald Trump is the future as you will never vote for Hillary Clinton, and you had better start distancing yourself from Ted Cruz and every single one of those MOG's or triggered nuts you have surrounded yourselves with, because even though Glenn Beck is a moron for hire, there is a short list of 10 of you Cruz supporters out there who are being shadowed to be activated for an event.

Those Mexican  riots and attacks on police at Trump rally just did not happen. They were planned and part of the triggering mechanism.

In case you did not notice, the Lame Cherry is trying to save you pathetic Cruz voters from yourselves yet, because no one deserves.......well your nasty leaders be set up as a patsy and have your families like John Hinkley's embarrassed forever, just for hanging around Bush fam.

No Beck is not high enough to be privy to the conspiracy, he simply thinks correctly that all of you Cruz voters are wingnuts and Beck just wants to sound like he knew something in trying to impress the leftists in his new money train.

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