Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cruzholm Syndrome

Here's Why Congressional Republicans Let Ted Cruz Lead Them Off A ...

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I read these often enough comments from the MOG's in telling voters they will be writing in Ted Cruz's name come November in a political suicide pact all to install Hillary Clinton. It is the Pied Cruzer trolls trying to get all of his supporters to destroy themselves like Jim Jones at Jonestown in the kook aid drinking.

The Cruzholm Syndrome is a reality of abused Cruz supporters not seeing like a beaten wife, that they are allied for a Ted Cruz who abandoned them at Indiana, and has been destroying Ben Sasse, all to try and defeat Donald Trump, so Hillary Clinton will win, and in 2020 Ted Cruz will be destroyed in that election, with all of his money laundering crimes.
Think of that in what Ted Cruz is.......he literally will destroy someone who supports him, with a bright political career, all so Ted Cruz can get what he lusts for.
Then again Ted Cruz is destroying Ben Sasse, because Ben Sasse is political competition in 2020.

I swore I was not going to vote for Jeb Bush, so I understand part of the Cruz Cult wasted vote, but at least I was reasonable in I was going to vote for a Constitutional candidate, and not a fiction who is too manipulative to run 3rd Party.

Think of Ted Cruz in what he really is. Others can die for the Cruz cause, but Ted is not going to be blamed for his train wreck.

I would ask for all Cruzholm Syndrome sufferers to vote for Donald Trump, but at least free yourself from Ted Cruz......and prove it by voting for someone who actually has the balls to run in 2016, as in a Constitutional Party candidate or for your own sake WRITE YOUR OWN NAME IN THAT PRESIDENTIAL SLOT, because you at least ARE AMERICAN and not a dual citizen, political agent who abandoned your friends for a 5 million dollar a year Goldman Sachs job for the wife.

Every single one of you Cruz voters have got to free yourself from Ted Cruz, and start making rational decisions. Hate Donald Trump to your satisfaction, but for your sake, LOVE YOURSELF enough to stop being a patsy for Ted Cruz.

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