Monday, May 30, 2016

Bern Notice To Democrats

Editor's Note: This is such vital information for democrats that this will be a stand alone post on this Memorial Day.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to preface this with a disclaimer for the brats, the non donors, to be given permission to read this and disseminate the information in the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps in this warning to them of how they are being set up, because this Conservative Christian loves many things more than the right wing. I love the free and fair election as without it, there is no free people. It is why I loathe all those who steal elections, and in that warning to the Sanders and Clinton voters, you have a bigger threat than Donald Trump, and that person is Vice President Joe Biden.

All of you are being distracted by the Hillary and Bernie show. I detest Hillary Clinton stealing primaries from Bernie Sanders and I detest Bernie Sanders trying to set up Donald Trump in the fraud debate to endanger him. So while the left is fighting amongst themselves, there has been a silent maestro directing all of this to protect the regime and legacy from prosecution.
As the veil of this comes off, I am going to tell you something which will shock all of you, in the outsider communist Bernie Sanders, is not an outsider at all, but was chosen and funded by the very elite, to first promote communism into the American presidential process and the Obama regime has been promoting and propping up Bernie Sanders in order to bring down Hillary Clinton.

image Obama knows Bernie Sanders has no chance of anything in these fraud democrat elections, and the image knows that Hillary and Bill Clinton are going to spend the next 4 years obliterating the Obama legacy, and using criminal indictments on image Obama to make the jig dance the jig. So the only protection the regime has is to not confront the lethal Clintons with all their dirt on image Obama directly, but to back Sanders to do the dirty work, and when necessary indict Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

Democrat voters thought it enjoyable when Ted Cruz who was another insider stooge was ripping the guts out of the GOP, but every democrat has been played the sucker in all of their intellectual superiority, as that is the way MK ULTRA operates, in using people's strengths to make them their weakness. A democrat could not ever be mind gamed, so they let their defenses down in the simple triggers of someone to hate in Trump, someone to feel superior to in themselves, and the slight of hand in Bernie and Hillary going at it, and while democrats are distracted, image Obama has been directing all of this to Joe Biden, as was implanted in your minds and rejected from the start of this.

So you understand this, in MK ULTRA terms of those who are administrators, this is called "mind rape". See it is akin to jamming an erection to invade by shock thrust. Biden replacing Clinton and Sanders is rejected in revulsion, and it is withdrawn, and it becomes a passive memory of pain, but when it is repeated, there is less resistance to no resistance by the victim, and they accept it.
That was the mistake of the Cruz campaign, in their controls, in they raped with penetration, but kept jamming in, which in return triggers "fight mode" and hardens the resolve of  the voter being assaulted. It is why Cruz trolls are such wicked losers, is because their rape was rejected, and they keep trying to make Americans accept the rape and not reject the rapist.
The Cruz agents were a unique e-triggered group, who by revelation, reveal that there is a lurking rapist in their dark matter, just as the democrat operatives are comprised mostly of wife beaters and assassins in their dark matter.

For those in the Bernie and Hillary camps who doubt the forensic psychology of the Lame Cherry expertise, behold the evidence as Obamatown in the Chicago Tribune has been laying the framework to steal the election from Hillary and Bernie voters, and the process has already been engaged in, in the conditioning process. 

Joe Biden would be an excellent 'slip-in' candidate if Hillary Clinton falters

Vice President Joe Biden, 73, agonized last year before deciding not to put himself and his family through the rigors of a presidential bid. Vice President J…
SouthtownStar2 days ago

One has to appreciate the "slip in", as in slipping the cock in, is it rape or is it not? See Donald Trump used "slip Joe Biden in", and it was changed for mind conditioning from the CIA Obama faction to slip in, to remind everyone of Bill Clinton rapes, and the reality that Joe Biden has been up every male's rectum and every woman's vagina, in the first penetration.

If Clinton's email-related problems get worse or other developments sink her popularity far below even Trump's, causing her to step aside, Biden, as a more establishment figure than Sanders, would be the party's likely choice as a "slip-in" candidate and an almost certain winner against Trump.
Sanders' die-hard supporters would be outraged, of course, but they're already outraged.

It is very important for all of you trusting Sanders and Clinton supporters who have been herded to paranoia against Donald Trump to understand, that while you were distracted, you have become the joke. So you understand the joke in this mind fuck, Joe Biden gets the girl from Bill Clinton to slip it into her, while Bernie Sanders' supporters are dismissed as just some more Islamic fanatics to be droned on their outrage.

I did not write the above. That comes from the Obama Tribune in women are just an ass prize to mark with a Biden cum dump and Sanders voters are just some more DIE HARDs for President Joe to shoot like LaVoy Finicum in Oregon.
You liberals who cheered that murder for Hillary Clinton have just been notified you are all going to be next in this jihad by the Obama regime.

Yes the Obama Tribune has been busy. Out with the old Hillary and in with the new Poco Warren.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Southern California

Hillary Clinton's Private Server Does Not Look Like An  Honest Mistake

How do all of you brilliant democrats feel at this moment in having your eyes opened to being played easier than a 5 year old to a piece of candy from a pedophile perv? That analogy concerning hair sniffer Biden and dancing little boys Obama is not far off.
It is shocking to find out how easy it all is when it happens to you, but the shock is your one chance to shake it off, but the warning is, if you ignore this and return the veil, you are never getting out of this menagerie, because you gulped Obama and will drown in Biden.

This is now a problem for the now discovered Sanders and Clinton supporters, in they are in the free zone. The paradigm has been demolished in their minds, and it is being rebuilt in forward motion, as Sanders, Clinton, Obama and Biden, will not allow these minds to construct their paradigm in stability. From this moment inside of them, as it has always been, the foundations of themselves will be eroding like a sand castle in the waves, filling them with fear and terror, as they flee inside of themselves.

See I know what is inside of all of you. Your tormentors do too.

Democrats do not have a choice, as you did not tear down your party as Republicans did in throwing out Cantor, Boehner, Bush, Cruz, standing by Donald Trump and now primarying Paul Ryan. What democrats have is to be a whore with Hillary or dead in the morgue with Bernie, until President Joe comes to collect you, to return you to the Obama gulag.

Now you democrats, have the adult information which my children play with and do so quite well through the looking glass.
I do this quite well as you might learn if you stay around for the Truth by Inspiration by the Grace of God, which is a foundation you do not believe in........if you did my democratic brats, you would not have been down the rabbit hole chasing Hillary and Bernie with President Joe hunting you.

You do remember Obama in Japan, manipulating the American elections in trying to degrade Donald Trump, which all of you were so pleased with as you hate Mr. Trump..........problem is image Obama has been doing the same thing to Bernie and Hillary in the Chicago Tribune.

You are through the looking glass. For now I am Alice and if you will listen for the first time in your life, I will by God's Grace bring you back to reality.

Or you can have this.