Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bob Doles should be Honored and not Heard

Image: Bob Dole: Trump Should Apologize to McCain, Make Gingrich Running Mate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bob Dole is attempting to obtain a payback for his endorsement of Donald Trump and it is a miscalculation which will ruin the last chapter of the Dole legacy.

Former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole said Saturday that Donald Trump needed to apologize to Sen. John McCain for attacking his Vietnam War record — and that Newt Gingrich should be presumptive nominee's running mate.

"One of my best friends, closest two or three friends, is John McCain," Dole, 92, who served in both the Senate and House for 35 years, told Ana Cabrera on CNN in a telephone interview from his Kansas home. "I am going to try to get Trump to issue an apology.

Yes the above was featured on the pro Hillary Clinton site of Newsmax in Chris Ruddy, the neo clinton apologist.

Senator Dole is out of touch with the American future and attempting to drag it back to the Obama abyss. In the first rebuttal of this to Bob Dole, is the fact that John McCain will probably be primaried as everyone hates him in the Republican Party right after that traitor Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump can not show weakness and an apology is weakness to a dying candidate. If John McCain would choose to apologize to Donald Trump, Americans and Veterans, as Senator Marco Rubio did for his remarks at Mr. Trump, then that is the proper measure for the past in John McCain to apologize to the future in Donald Trump, for Mr. McCain attempting to derail America's salvation.

As for Newt Gingrich, putting an old, pasty, southern misogynist, who has been a puppet of the conglomerates and posing with Hillary Clinton for photos, this would be an absolute disaster for the Trump campaign.

This is disingenuous of Bob Dole and his loyalties would only install Hillary Clinton as President, as Donald Trump apologizing for one thing, would have the scent of blood in the water and it would be rapist Bill Clinton and Hamrod Hillary demanding their apologies next, with terrorists and invaders.

Bob Dole, you are someone who should be seen and not heard. Like John McCain and Newt Gingrich, you should have kept your mouth shut.

America's future is not in the grave, where Dole, McCain and Gingrich in their past 3 score and 10 will be soon enough residing.