Saturday, May 21, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you have absolutely no realization that an electronic war is taking place in America, and the fight is over you.

I am going to warn you over this in the players and counter players, who have a foundation on this constructed on the same 1930's Meme of the Jews vs the Nazi with the Anglo Saxon genocided in the middle.

For those unfamiliar with history, the Ashkenaz financiers, created a movement where the feudal 1% would control the 99% and exploit the entire national treasures of countries on the cheap. This was called Marxism, and Ashkenaz intellectuals who claimed the Jewish identity were atheists, were funded for the German overthrow in World War I, and went to war with German Nationalists in calling for the sterilization of every German.
This conflict of communists vs. fascists, was known as World War II.

Most people do not understand the genocide of Protestantism was the basis of the two world wars, in Lutheran Protestantism, was targeted by Vatican Jesuits, Ashkenazim, arraying the Fascists and Marxists against them with the extermination of the Anglo Saxons across America and Europe.

All of this came to the forefront in the 1980's in American David Lane, who founded a para military movement, based upon the Jesse and Frank James gang after the Civil War, called in American, The Order.

The correct name for the Order is, BrĂ¼der Schweigen, or the Silent Brotherhood. This group engaged in armoured car robberies in order to gain funding for like minded people, who were moved to protect the Caucasian race, from what has now been proven correct in their foresight in the genocide of the White race in Europe and America with this Mexican and Muslim funded invasion by Frau Merkel and image Obama.

When the FBI unleashed on the Order, around 70 Americans were prosecuted in an immense crackdown. It evolved into a persecution where Americans on the left were being convicted for operating websites where they were responsible for what others were posting on them in comments.
I do not use the term SOCIALIST lightly in this, because socialism is a left wing political movement, and that is what Adolf Hitler in his Workers Rights movement was about in National Socialism, and the alternative to the hard left of Marxism.

What we have now in the remnants of the writings of David Lane who died in federal prison, are the inheritors of this movement, based in the Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, internet publication, who are advocates for the Caucasian race and note the agenda to supplant that race.

This is where this all begins to gel, as Mr. Anglin is highly displeased at a turn of events which the Lame Cherry has been relating and will expound upon, as it really does not make sense, until this blog will connect the dots and put this all together.

There is an offshoot political movement in this, which is intellectual and satirical, called the Alternate Right or Alt Right. I am not going to go into all of the names and pseudonyms, but various writings place the blame of all world ills on the Protestant Reformation, in not so entertaining writings, and this group has embraced Donald Trump in securing America with great zest.

I desire each of you to remember a litany of stories now which have been fired in the Molotov Media. You remember the attempts to link Mr. Trump to the KKK via his father, Fred. Then there were the White Supremacists in Tweets, the slurs against Mr. Trump in being a racist, and again how this all started to gel around a Jesuit Catholic from the Cruz campaign of intelligence funded assets in Matt Walsh, pitted against Cruz oligarch Robert Mercer at Breitbart, who began publishing Milo Yianopoulos in praising the Alt Right, which set off Mr. Anglin at the Daily Stormer.


14 stands for the 14 words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." A phrase coined by David Lane, not George Rockwell, who instead started the term white power. 88 Can refer to HH, Heil Hitler, or to another of David Lane's works the 88 precepts. Which is an essay he wrote and is in his book. The other guy was close but still incorrect.
1488 refers to two works written by David Lane while he served his extremely long prison sentence for activities he did with Robert J Matthews and The Order. 1488 is a simplified code for general beliefs of many white power skinheads. White Pride 1488. Free the Order

Milo Yianopoulos is a unique internet adventurer in fortunes, who is a Catholic Jew, who likes posing with guns, being Greek from Britain, and a sodomite, who is now employed to stating that gays choose to be man on man, because feminist women are such a turn off. The cure being robo Jessica Alba to drain men of their body fluids.
Sounds a great deal like a hybrid echo of another scripted MOG in Rush Limbaugh

"I’ll never forget the precise moment I chose to be gay. It was the endpoint in a process of rebellion against my white middle-class parents...Today, thanks to society’s endless mollycoddling and celebration of “alternative” lifestyles, the joy of rebellion is drying up for me. You see, I only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents. But now even they are fine with it. A few years ago, my mum said, perhaps cannily, “All I want is for you to be happy. That came as devastating news... Now my gayness was not only roundly applauded by wider society but even my own parents, what was the point?" He concludes: "Since gay people have been so endlessly praised, flattered and catered to by the media and politicians, I’ve lost interest in sleeping with men. I want to feel oppressed again! That’s why, from today, I’m going to make a go of being straight. Wish me luck!"

Observe the construct in this, with Donald Trump at the center in three branches of this battle which you are being drawn into as an American Christian Protestant, after the upheaval of "face of god" Ted Cruz and the very Mormon Glenn Beck, seeking to burn Evangelicals at the stake, but currently in lust for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, trashing the Cuckservatives.

Most of the best propaganda verbiage is being created out of the Alt Right, and Cuckservative has changed the mindscape, as cuck and cucker, based upon the cuckold of these pansy MOG minders in the right like Levin and Coulter created to induce you to go along with things which you never would.
I would warn every Trump supporter to not believe Ann Coulter's transformation in the least. She is a paid minder, and was trashing Joseph Farah and Birthers with Geraldo Rivera just a few years ago, and at CPAC with Glenn Beck, trying for 3rd Party destruction of the GOP and promotion of sodomites.
Coulter is the Peggy Noonan of the Ronald Reagan years.

This though is not about Ann Coulter, but the primary characters now arrayed.

Character 1: Matt Walsh, with Mormon Glenn Beck, trashing Donald Trump and the Alt Right for the Vatican, and antagonizing the Alt Right, in waving words and firearms at them to create violence.

Character 2: Milo Yianopoulos, the JewCat sodomite, attempting to hijack the Alt Right, in the oligarchs for Ted Cruz.

Character 3: Ben Shapiro, the Jew, whose purpose is to trash the Alt Right and Donald Trump.

The 3 above characters all have a few things in common, chief of which is the Alternative Right does not like them, even if it likes trolling them and ignoring the gay hand on their genitals by association, in excusing it as a thing to be exploited before being thrown off.

You will notice a few commonalities as this progresses, in linking to history, as if the intelligence operation behind all of this, is prejudiced to using thee exact same protocols in the 1930's protocols and unites it all in a unifying male homosexual in David Futrelle, attacking one and all, to weld it all into one construct, as that is the intention in all of this.

Someone is polluting a para military movement with homosexual overlords. The someone are the hands which rock the cradles of the world in changing times and seasons, and are currently engaged in legalizing child rape in America.

The overlords have run the projections and in their looking glass have concluded that with the rise of Donald Trump nationalism, that this mixture of nationalists from agitator Jeff Rense, leftist Gordon Duff, propagandist Alex Jones, that the illumination for this movement is going to come from the Meme of the Alt Right, which is going to bring this mainstream as those campus chalkers are in Bernie Sanders left and Donald Trump right, become the thought of a generation of all that will sweep the world like the organized Counter Culture out of Tavistock and Stanford.

I will provide you a new catch word in BLAZESTREAMING, the art of using flaming homosexuals to mainstream a sodomized Alt Right movement which is coming of age. The construct in this is that it is so necessary to sodomize it, so that when those behind this infiltration inflict on this movement legalized child rape, it will be a championed practice, equal to the democracy mob rule of the Greek aristocracy.

Remember that.